World’s first innovation ecosystem helps inventors turn ideas into reality

Sciony supports inventors in showcasing their ideas to maximise chances of getting investment

London, 22 October 2020 A new integrated innovation ecosystem has launched which, for the first time, helps inventors navigate the complex investment landscape and increase the likelihood of securing funding.



Sciony makes it easier for inventors – irrespective of their background or experience – to present their ideas in the best possible light by providing the vital information investors consider when researching potential investment opportunities.

Inventors are guided through 14-point criteria which address areas that potential investors assess, such as what stage the company is at and if an intellectual property (IP) strategy has been defined.

Based on the completeness of this information, Sciony will provide the inventors with a rating which indicates how well developed the idea is. It will also flag if there are any areas that require additional input in order to attract investment.

Investors, in turn, interrogate this data to assess which ideas and potential investment opportunities best match their own portfolio and business requirements. They can then connect with inventors who interest them.

Sciony’s built-in NDA process, which is instigated once a connection is made and information shared, ensures that IP is protected at all times.

Sciony founder and director Georg Roth comments: “Research from Plexal and Beauhurst showed that funding for UK startups seeking investment for the first time fell by 83% between March and May 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. If an invention is to attract investment, it really needs to stand out against the rest. Sciony helps inventors showcase their concepts in the ways that investors want to see them so that their innovative ideas can become reality in the fastest possible time.”


Notes to editors

About Sciony
Sciony is the world’s first fully integrated innovation ecosystem bringing together leading-edge inventors, ethical investors and service partners worldwide to work collaboratively and effectively. Its proprietary Logbook system guides inventors through optimum presentation of their ideas to investors. All parties are protected at all stages by the exchange of NDAs.

Sciony explained further

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