Worldpay Moves into Canada with Rakuten Kobo

Toronto-based Rakuten Kobo Inc., one of the most innovative eReading companies in the world to choose WorldPay, the global leader in payments for the management of their online payment processing and acquiring in Canada. Rakuten Kobo worked with Worldpay in the US, Europe and Japan, and now will benefit from a wide range of payment solutions and global experience to the e-commerce provider.

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Worldpay network to receive payments from the countries, covering more than 99% of global GDP. Worldpay expansion of relations with Rakuten Kobo brings its extensive portfolio of payments – including acquiring, gateway, alternative payment methods, fraud and risk management services – one of Canada’s most innovative companies.

Partnership with the support of Peoples Trust Company, Worldpay’s Canadian banking partner. Peoples Trust specializes in providing high-quality and innovative products and payment services for companies operating in Canada by partnering with companies making payments, such as Worldpay. Working with the People’s Trust for the processing of payments in the domestic market in Canada, Worldpay will help its customers to be fully compatible with the regional rules and standards of the Canadian credit and debit cards.

Rakuten Kobo partnership with Worldpay means that they will be able to improve their e-commerce offering in its home market, taking local payments in Canadian dollars, along with other payment currencies they offer their customers – and to deal with one payment provider across the markets they operate in.

Originally posted 2016-03-06 10:59:06.


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