Warren Buffett: Tips for Work and Business

When looking to recruit someone to work, look for three qualities

These are honesty, intelligence and energy. The most important thing is honesty, because if it is missing, the other two qualities – intelligence and energy – will kill you.

When you hire someone to manage your business, you entrust him money box. If these people are intelligent and hardworking will make a lot of money for you, but if you are honest, you will find countless subtle ways to make all your money theirs. So if you need to hire people who are not honest, make sure that they are hardworking and blunt like galoshes, so the only thing you manage to steal, you have galoshes.

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Honesty is the key component in managerial philosophy of Warren. Furthermore, the management style of Warren has always been to provide great operational personal freedom of its managers. They have the freedom to run their businesses as if they were the owners. Warren hardly would have provided so much freedom if it lacked honesty.


Can you explain to a fish what it is to walk on land?

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As they say in the army, it’s all fun and game until you begin to respond to the fire. The same goes for business. Operations with real production problems, and the attraction and retention of real users is what distinguishes the theoretical work in the real world of management.


When ideas fail, words do a good job

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In this case, Warren cites Goethe, which wants to say that when your great idea collapse and lose their business will refuge to words to come up with a great excuse to not look incompetent.

CEOs constantly looking for good excuses to calm the anger of shareholders on the occasion of bad management decisions. By not taking responsibility, they essentially say that the fault is not theirs. But if the CEO is not responsible, then it should not be our leader, right? This is our business, right? We are the owners, right?

People who are very passionate about his work, exercise their craft or profession because they love the activity itself more than money. Fun at the strong passion that usually the money comes along with it. People who love money more than your job, spend their lives in poverty and usually earn much less than if you followed primarily heart.


There comes a time when you need to start doing what you want

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Start doing the work you love. You will jump out of bed in the morning. Insanity is by your side forever taking work you do not like because you think you look good.

To spend your life like waking up every morning and go to a job that you hate and people who do not respect leads to frustration and constant dissatisfaction, which treat with them home to share it with his family, making unhappy and them. Thus poison the lives of everyone you love.

Much better is to get a job you love. Then you’ll go to work with a smile that you you to take home at the end of the working day to share it with their loved ones. And if you’re worried about money, remember that people who love what they do are those that rise in their field and make the most money.

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