Uber Trujillo Death: Uncovering the Truth Behind the Controversy

uber trujillo death

Dixon Trujillo, the eldest son of Griselda Blanco, met a tragic end as part of a series of coordinated murders orchestrated by rival drug lords. Uber Trujillo Death was revealed in a Netflix Documentary named Griselda, intelligence agent June Hawkins informing Griselda in prison that Dixon was shot while walking to his car, adding to the grim toll on Blanco’s family. The emotional scene underscores the brutal consequences of Griselda’s actions in the criminal underworld, with Dixon becoming a victim of the violence that surrounded their illicit empire.

The details of Uber Trujillo Death, their murders, along with those of his brothers Uber and Osvaldo (Ozzy), did not receive as much attention as Griselda’s infamous criminal activities. However, reports indicate that their killings were retaliatory acts for Blanco’s own violent actions, representing a tragic episode in the saga of the Blanco family’s ascent and decline in the merciless realm of drug trafficking.


Who was Dixon Trujillo?

Dixon Dario Trujillo-Blanco, the eldest son of notorious drug lord Griselda Blanco, was deeply immersed in the world of drug trafficking from a young age. Under the tutelage of his mother, often referred to as the “Cocaine Grandmother” and the “Black Widow,” Dixon played a crucial role in operating the family’s illicit business in San Francisco.

He managed to move a staggering 660 pounds of cocaine every month, contributing significantly to the immense wealth and power his mother amassed, particularly in New York City and Colombia.

Despite Dixon’s instrumental role in expanding the Blanco drug empire, his connection to Colombian dealer Gerry Gomez became the inadvertent catalyst for the family’s downfall. Gomez had struck a deal with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), leading to heightened scrutiny on the Blanco family’s activities.

The collaboration between Dixon Trujillo and Gomez ultimately played a pivotal role in the unraveling of the family’s criminal enterprise, marking the end of an era for one of the most infamous drug cartels in history.

Dixon Trujillo Family

Dixon Trujillo was born into a tumultuous family, shaped by the criminal exploits and violent tendencies of his infamous mother, Griselda Blanco. Griselda’s first husband, Carlos Trujillo, with whom she had three sons, including Dixon, met a brutal end. Despite having three children together, Griselda had Carlos killed, marking the beginning of a pattern of deadly relationships that earned her the moniker “Black Widow.”

After Carlos, Griselda married Alberto Bravo, and the family moved to Queens in the early 1970s, establishing direct ties to the Colombian cocaine trade. Griselda’s involvement in the drug trade escalated, leading to the demise of their operation in 1975. She killed Bravo and took full control of their drug empire. In addition,  this shift occurred just as Griselda Blanco’s sons, including Dixon, were entering their mid-to-late teens, exposing them to the dangerous and criminal world their mother operated in.

Despite the constant upheavals and violence in Griselda Blanco’s relationships, Dixon Trujillo’s family continued to expand with the addition of a fourth son, Michael Corleone. Griselda’s marriages and criminal enterprises ultimately brought them from New York to Miami, where she solidified her position as a major player in the drug trade.

However, the notoriety also attracted the attention of rival drug lords and law enforcement agencies, ultimately contributing to Griselda’s downfall and leaving her sons, including Dixon, entangled in the complex legacy of their mother’s criminal empire.

What Happened to Dixon Trujillo?

Uber Trujillo Death, the eldest son of Griselda Blanco, inadvertently played a role in the downfall of his family’s criminal empire. He unwittingly involved himself with Gerry Gomez, who was cooperating with authorities to incriminate the Blanco family.

Dixon’s request for money laundering assistance ultimately led to the police locating Griselda. According to the show, Dixon was later shot while walking to his car, suggesting a murder. However, conflicting reports claim he died in prison, leaving the details of Dixon Trujillo’s fate unclear and shrouded in controversy.

How did Dixon Trujillo Die?

Uber Trujillo Death is shrouded in conflicting reports. According to the show, he was shot while walking to his car, indicating a murder. However, some articles suggest an alternative narrative, claiming he died in prison.

The specific details surrounding Dixon’s demise remain uncertain, leaving the circumstances of his death open to interpretation and raising questions about the accuracy of the information presented in various sources. In addition, the contradictory accounts contribute to the complexity and mystery surrounding the fate of the eldest son of Griselda Blanco.


The life and death of Dixon Trujillo are emblematic of the turbulent and often tragic world of organized crime. As the son of one of the most notorious drug lords in history, Dixon’s story is both compelling and cautionary, highlighting the far-reaching consequences of choices made in pursuit of power and wealth. Despite the conflicting reports and speculation surrounding his death, Dixon’s legacy endures as a reminder of the price paid for involvement in the criminal underworld.


  1. What was Dixon Trujillo’s role in the drug trade?
    • Dixon played a significant role in his family’s drug trafficking operations, contributing to the immense wealth and power amassed by his mother, Griselda Blanco.
  2. How did Dixon’s actions contribute to his family’s downfall?
    • Dixon’s involvement with Gerry Gomez, a Colombian dealer cooperating with authorities, ultimately led to heightened scrutiny on the Blanco family’s activities and contributed to their eventual downfall.
  3. What were the circumstances of Dixon Trujillo’s death?
    • Conflicting reports suggest that Dixon either suffered a gunshot wound while walking to his car or perished in prison. Leaving the specifics of his demise uncertain.
  4. Why is there conflicting information about Dixon’s demise?
    • The conflicting reports surrounding Dixon’s death could stem from the secretive nature of organized crime and the unreliable nature of sources within that world.
  5. What is the significance of Dixon Trujillo’s story in the context of Griselda Blanco’s legacy?
    • Dixon’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the violent and destructive legacy left by Griselda Blanco. Highlighting the human cost of her criminal activities.