How to Become Uber Driver in India

The smartphone boom in India has resulted in the advent of app cab services operated by home grown cab operators such as Ola Cabs, Meru Cabs, Mega Cabs, etc. However, the statistics of the app cab market had to be rewritten completely after the arrival of Uber in India. Uber is an international cab aggregator that makes true its slogan of being “Everybody’s Driver” by carrying out operations in 150 cities across the world- spread over 50 countries. Uber took the app cab market in India by the scruff of its neck and changed the game in its favor with better service, better cab tracking, better cars, better drivers and better earnings to employees. Read this post to know how to become Uber driver in India.


Procedure for Becoming Uber Driver in India

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If you want to work as a driver for Uber, you must first understand the concept of “partner”. At Uber, you are not so much an employee as you are a partner of the company. Uber recognizes you as its equal and gives you all the help you require to work with it. It also allows you the flexibility to work on your own time as specified by you when joining. However, you must be available with Uber for a minimum of 6 hours per day. You must own a car to join as a driver with Uber. In case you do not own a car and don’t have the money to buy one, Uber will arrange for a loan with one of its partner banks.

In order to work as an “Uber Partner”, you must produce the following documents to Uber:

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  • Commercial Driver’s License
  • Character Clearance Certificate from your local Police Station
  • A Cancelled Cheque bearing all your bank details
  • Pan Card
  • Voter ID card
  • Copy of Car Insurance Policy

When Uber is satisfied that all documents are in order, they will verify the car you want to drive to see whether the vehicle matches their requirements. It is always better to use a new or relatively new car for driving in Uber. Uber operates several categories of cabs- UberGo (Ritz, Swift, Liva, Indigo CS, Ecco, WagonR, etc.); UberX (Swift Dzire, Etios, Manza, etc.) and UberBlack (Altis, Innova, Honda City, Ecosport, etc.). The payments to drivers vary according to the car type- the highest for UberBlack- and so you must purchase your car accordingly. When Uber has decided the category of cab your car falls in, it will give you a GPS device to locate customers and receive pick up calls and an Uber ID.


Rules and Regulations

Uber Rules

Uber is very strict with regard to its rules and regulations and with its customer policy. At Uber, the focus is to maintain a balance between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. Hence, it’s better if you are familiar with some of the rules.

Firstly, it is important that you never turn down a call unless for very valid reasons- such as inability to arrive at the customer’s doorstep within the stipulated time due to traffic and road conditions. Secondly, always put on your best behavior with the customer since a single complaint by a customer about bad behavior may cost you your career at Uber.

That’s it! You are now all set to become receive your first Uber customer, Congratulations!

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