Top Low-Cost Franchise Business in India

Franchise business is one of the best business opportunities which can be started with minimum hassles. You can start a franchisee of any leading brand in your area and make decent profits. Most of the brands whose franchisee you will take up will provide you initial hand holding support to start and run the business. This is extremely beneficial as you get guidance and mentor-ship which everyone, especially new entrepreneurs, require. In this article, we will see some of the Top Low-Cost Franchise Business in India which can be started with low initial investment.

Let us first start with various factors to be considered while selecting the Top Low-Cost Franchise Business in India.

Franchise Business

Brand Value

This is one of the first factors to be considered. The brand of the franchisee you are planning to take should be established and well known. People should love to buy the products/service of that brand and the brand should also have good recognition. This will help you a lot in getting decent sales and revenues.


Initial Investment

Do proper inquiry and get the figure of initial investment required for starting your own franchisee business. This is a crucial factor in selecting the Top Low-Cost Franchise Business in India suitable for you. Know your investment capacity and make an informed decision.




The parent company of the brand whose franchisee you are taking should provide you hand holding support while starting your business. This may be in terms of helping you in setting up the shop/office, marketing in your local area, help in getting bank loans and other stuff.

These 3 factors are essential to be considered when you choose the brand whose franchisee you want to take up. Do proper research and if possible speak to some existing franchise owners to know about the company/brand.


Best Low-Cost Franchisee Business in India-

There are hundreds and probably thousands of brands which offer franchisee offerings in India. It won’t be possible to mention all of them in this post. However, I am mentioning some of the categories below.

  • Ice Cream Parlors Franchisee
  • Abacus Academy Franchisee
  • Coaching Center Franchisee
  • Supermarket Franchisee
  • Courier Company Franchisee
  • Restaurant Franchisee
  • Quick Service Restaurant Franchisee
  • Fast Food Center Franchisee
  • Bakery Franchisee
  • Car Dealer Franchisee
  • Mobile Network Franchisee and many more.

The list is really endless and there are various other categories in which you can start franchisee business.

You can search online to know available franchisee opportunities. However, I would like to suggest you to first decide 2 things before your explore and find low cost franchisee opportunities. First, decide and finalize the niche/category in which you want to start the franchisee and also know your capacity of initial investment. Once you have these 2 things in mind, go ahead and explore the opportunities.

I hope this article was useful for you. I am quite sure this will help you to think properly and explore various low cost franchisee business in India. IF you like this article, don’t forget to share it on social networks.

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