Top 5 BuySellAds Alternatives of 2016

Those old days are gone, when a blog meant the means to access journals solely. Today, blogs have become a great source to earn money for myriads of people. With the evolution of blogging, presently blogger from every nook and corner of the world are looking for advertisers in order to put their ad on and make money in the process. Many such advertising companies are there, BuySellAds being one of them.


What Exactly is BuySellAds?

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BuySellAds is a huge network for online publishers and advertisers. It has more than 3000 advertisers and publishers and provides a great opportunity to earn just by placing their own ads. It is the leading online advertising network. However, the point to be noted is that presently, bloggers are trying to find alternatives to BuySellAds. At BuySellAds various advertisers and publishers get a very good earning from their ads.


Why to look for BuySellAds Alternatives?

BuySellAds is a wonderful and famous platform. However, many a times it is not possible for every blogger to get approved at BuySellAds. Thus, bloggers are looking forward to other alternatives.

Now, let us come to the main part of this article. The top 5 BuySellAds alternatives are listed below:


1. Publicityclerks


Publicityclerks is another excellent option wherein you can sell advertisement space on your blog and make money. The best thing is that they have low minimum payout of just $25 so it can be quick and easy to cashout. This makes it one of the top 5 BuySellAds alternatives of 2016.


2. Project Wonderful

Project Wonderful

Project Wonderful is another option you can consider. You can signup with your blog/website and start making money if advertisers are interested in advertising on your blog/site. They process payments via Paypal.


3. Blogads

Blog Ads

Blogads is an another good alternative to BuySellAds. Here they take a certain percentage of your earnings as commission. This site offers fixed slot prices for the ads. This site allows all sorts of ads.


4. AdEngage


This is a another decent option for you. You can monetize your ad space and make money through blogging. This is an ad space marketplace. They follow NET30 payment cycle and their minimum payout is $50.


5. BuySiteAds


This is another platform which you can try. Many bloggers have tried them and have got reasonable success. They process payments via Paypal.

Above mentioned are some of the best BuySellAds alternatives. However, the list is not limited and there are many other equally good platforms which allow you to buy/sell ad space on blogs. Apart from selling ad space, there are various other ways to of monetizing your blogs and websites like doing sponsored posts, affiliate marketing etc. which you can try out to make money from your blog.

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2 Responses to “Top 5 BuySellAds Alternatives of 2016”

  1. Reene Smith

    Jul 25. 2016

    Hello, This is Reene, I own number of micro Niche Sites, but non of my sites were able to get approved from BuySellAds, , so that’s why I need an Alternative to use alongside adsense Ads.

    And I will be trying out my luck with all the alternatives, specially BlogAds, but I have question in my mind.

    Does any of these Alternatives work well? like BuySellAds or just a waste of time?

    Looking for Quick Response.

    Reene Smith

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    • Varinder

      Jul 29. 2016

      Well I can’t say that none of them work or not for you, but you can give it a try at yourself to test it out and finally take your decision from which ad network you want to use in your site. I can suggest you to try BuySiteAds or Blogads.

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