Top 10 Websites for Selling Stock Photos

Stock photos are professional photographs that are bought and sold on a royalty-free basis and can be used and reused for the purpose of commercial design in many ways- book covers, music album art, posters, banners, etc. The photographs in question may be of anything- from common places to landmarks, natural sceneries, events and even of people. The photographer has the ownership of the stock photos (unless he sells them), while allowing commercial designers to enjoy a limited usage of the photos.

Stock Photos of Investing

Stock Photography is highly popular today since it allows for a cost-effective method of obtaining professional photographs and images by commercial designers without having to go through the hassle and additional costs of directly hiring professional photographers. There are a number of websites that buy stock photos from professional photographers and sell them to designers. We will cover the top 10 sites in that category, selected on the basis of reliability, quality assurance and general site design and maintenance. Read on!



Shutterstock Logo

Considered by many to be among the top three stock photography sites today, Shutterstock has over 35 million stock images, vectors and footage clips. Registration is free and rates for commission start at 25%. However, a decent amount of competition for selection prevails among photographers at Shutterstock. This is a method by which the website screens out the best photographers and the stunning photos to which it owes its goodwill. In order to get selected at Shutterstock, you must submit 10 photographs and at least 7 of them have to be approved before you can be inducted into membership.



Fotolia Logo

Fotolia is another top tier stock photography website. Registration is free and there are no restrictions on the number of photos you may upload. Royalties range from 20% to 63% and depend on the popularity of your portfolio. In the unhappy event that some of your photos are rejected from the regular database, you can donate them to the free images section as this will enable you to get added exposure.



Dreamstime Logo

Dreamstime is, in the opinion of many photographers, the best stock imagery site out there. This opinion stems from the fact that Dreamstime is very generous with its commissions. However, the quality standards at this website are very high and photographers must be able to match up to those standards before their photos are approved. If the sample photos are approved, then they will be made available for sale and the photographer will receive a 25-50% royalty off each sale.


4. Getty Images

Getty Images Logo

Getty Images owes its immense popularity in the stock photography market to being the first stock photograph website. Getty’s quality requirements and registration procedures are more stringent than other agencies and it only pays commission at the rate of 20%  However Getty Images sees more traffic than most other websites and thus has a higher sales volume. It would be good to remember that Getty Images prefers photos that display emotions and concept and images that are engaging, unexpected and exclusive.


5. iStockphoto

iStock Logo

iStock is a subsidiary of Getty Images and it maintains the same levels of quality and popularity as its holding company. Registration at I stock is free, but in order to start selling photos, you must first submit three of your best photos for evaluation. If you pass the quality standards then you are ready to start selling. IStock gives commissions ranging from 15%-45% and since the  generates a high amount of traffic, sales volumes are much higher than most other websites.


6. Stocksy

Stocksy Logo

Stocksy, founded in 2013 by Bruce Livingstone, is a relatively new website. Many photographers find Stocksy a great place to sell. Its stated focus is on fair pay and creating sustainable careers for its members. Unlike many other stock imagery sites, Stocksy pays out 50% commission.


7. Crestock

Crestock Logo

Crestock is a great site with a simple interface. After setting up a free account, you have to upload photos for review. If approved, you will receive 20%-40% as commission on each photo that sells. The signup process is as simple as it gets, and once you’re registered you can start uploading images immediately for sale.


8. Acclaim Images

Acclaim Images

Acclaim Images offers only high quality photos with limited distribution with specializations in digital images and art prints. Hundreds of photographers submit their work to this site, from which photos are handpicked for their originality and professionalism. This helps to ensure the presence of only high quality photos on the site. Image prices are calculated individually based on category, specific use, duration of use, industry and territory to which the image belongs.


9. Alamy

Alamy Logo

Alamy might not be the best, but is certainly the most convenient stock photo site for photographers. This is because it allows them to keep 60% of all photo sales and does not ask for exclusive rights to photos as well. This means that photographers can upload photos to other websites as well.


10. 123RF

123RF Logo

123RF is a great site for you if you plan on contributing a large number of stock photos. The rates start at 30% per download and can increase up to 60% depending on your popularity and the quality of your work.

These are only the top 10 websites. There are many other great websites that didn’t make the list. However you can try them out too. So, if you want to sell stock photos make sure you make it a point to visit these 10 great websites! All the best, and keep clicking!

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