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Nuclear Threat: As usual, the big media and Democrats are falling all over themselves in criticizing President Trump’s decision to decertify Iran’s compliance with President Obama’s nuclear deal. But in truth, Trump’s move was a clever one that will force both Iran and Congress to move beyond the failed status quo.

In decertifying the Iran nuclear deal, which Obama concluded in 2015 without Congress, Trump now puts the ball in Congress’ court. Under legislation passed by Congress in response to Obama’s deeply flawed Iran treaty — a deal so bad he didn’t even dare submit it to Congress for approval — Congress now has 60 days to determine whether to reimpose sanctions on Iran, to withdraw from what most unbiased observers would agree is a very bad deal, or to come up with a plan that will actually work to keep Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

Trump calls this “phase two” of the Iran deal.

“We’ll see what phase two is. Phase two might be positive. It might be very negative. Might be a total termination,” Trump said. “That’ a very real possibility. Some would say that’s a greater possibility. But it also could turn out to be very positive. We’ll see what happens.”

While once again irritating to his political foes, this is a smart move for a number of reasons.

One, there’s been ample evidence that Iran has been violating the deal.

As former Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton wrote last summer, “Over the past two years, considerable information detailing Tehran’s violations of the deal have become public, including: exceeding limits on uranium enrichment and production of heavy water; illicit efforts at international procurement of dual-use nuclear and missile technology; and obstructing international inspection efforts (which were insufficient to begin with).”

Obama vowed that there would be comprehensive inspections of questionable Iranian nuclear sites; but his “deal” left military sites off-limits, and some secret research sites haven’t been investigated at all by international inspectors.

Two, Trump’s move will force Congress to step up to the plate and live up to its constitutional responsibilities. Congress has largely been content to sit back and defer to Obama and to Trump on the Iran deal. Now it’s being asked to become a full partner in strengthening the deal or crafting an alternative.

Remember, contrary to what some feared, this is not a withdrawal from the so-called Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action, or JCPOA, as the Iran nuclear deal is formally called. It is rather a warning that Iran is out of compliance with the letter and spirit of the deal.

And it’s also a goad to get Congress to act to make the deal stronger so that Iran doesn’t continue to develop nuclear warheads and missiles with which it can threaten the U.S., Europe, and our only true regional ally, Israel. And make no mistake, Iran is doing just that. At a military parade just last week, Reuters reported, an Iranian news service boasted that “one of the weapons on display was a new ballistic missile with a range of 1,200 miles, capable of carrying several warheads.”

Is that the “peaceful” use of nuclear technology Iran always says it’s pursuing?

And, three, as Trump has said before, Iran took advantage of Obama, who was desperate for a deal and foolishly kept talking about a “partnership” with Tehran’s mullahs. Well, objectively speaking, that “partnership” has led to increased terrorism and political instability, while giving Iran increased strategic control over a broad swath of the Mideast. It has not made the U.S. a bit safer. In fact, it has increased the danger. As part of Obama’s deal, the U.S. delivered $1.7 billion to the mullahs, who even now are spending that money on weapons of mass destruction and on terrorist activities around the world.

What most people don’t realize is that many of the JCPOA’s limits on Iran’s nuclear weapons program start to end in as few as three years from now. Within 10 years, there will be little if anything left in place under the Obama nuclear deal to rein in or even restrict Iran’s nuclear ambitions. In short, it’s a deal that makes nuclear war or an act of nuclear terrorism in the near future not less likely, but more so.

As Y.J. Fischer, who as a State Department official in the Obama administration helped implement the Iran deal, wrote this week in USA Today: “Based on everything I saw, President Trump is right that now is the time to be seeking new concessions.”

We agree. We’ve pushed to withdraw from the deal entirely. So President Trump, Congress, the five permanent U.N. Security Council members, and Germany need to come up with a better nuclear deal with Iran, one with teeth but also one that gives Iran incentives to behave. It would be a foolish, perhaps even fatal, mistake to let this opportunity pass. President Trump has made the first, most necessary move.


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