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Technology is always on the rise. Every few years something that was scoffed at as science fiction, becomes a reality. The advent of social media websites backed by an ever more penetrating smartphone rage has not only changed our lives and habits, but also our outlook towards society and one another.

In the field of business, social media marketing has been getting more importance ever since it became apparent that what was initially viewed as a fad was here to stay. The essence of social media marketing is to use the social media websites as a tool and platform for marketing the goods and services provided by different companies. It is often said that social media is the future of business. It is therefore only natural that business houses are paying more attention to top social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook.

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Twitter is a micro blogging website founded in 2006 that allows its registered members to write and read short, 140-character messages called “tweets” and has more than 500 million users, 302 million of whom are active on a daily basis. Being one of the most visited websites in the world, Twitter today is a powerful tool for business when used correctly. By using Twitter in a proper and efficient manner, businesses can generate leads, solidify branding and build connections with their prospective and existing customers and business partners. Having an active Twitter following isn’t just about numbers or prestige, the followers actually hold real value for business. Nearly 40% marketers will concur that they have increased customers through Twitter.

In this article we are going to provide several great ways and tips to increase Twitter followers. So read on!


1. Tweet More


A number of studies have shown that the more one tweets, the more followers one gets. The approach should be to make Twitter one of the organization’s top priorities. This will also help in sharpening your editorial voice and allow you to get familiar with the medium and its specialities such as hashtags, @replys, mentions and more. It would also prove beneficial in learning what interests your followers- who are your potential or existing customers. This is a sure shot way to increase Twitter followers.


2. Utilizing Connections


It is more likely that the first Twitter follows you will get are the people whom you know and deal with. This might include your suppliers and distributors or the employees of your business. Thus, it is recommended to attach LinkedIn and email contacts with Twitter.


3. Use Tools

Social Media Tools

Time is the most valuable thing in the world and in the business world it is priceless. Therefore, it is not advisable for a business firm to write tweets all day long. The more practical approach would be to write all tweets for the day at one time and use special tools to schedule the publication of those tweets on Twitter. Free tools like Hootsuite allow you to maintain a consistent flow of content by scheduling your tweets in advance and thus saves time.


4. Follow Back and Interact with Customers

Follow Back

The easiest way of gaining new followers on Twitter is to follow back people who follow you. In addition to this, existing customers- especially regular and old customers- must be searched and followed on Twitter. You may also respond to customer complaints and problems on twitter. This is fast, convenient and results in increased customer satisfaction and also generates more followers since satisfied customers will urge other customers to follow you on Twitter.


5. Promote Yourself

Promote Yourself

The most important tip to increase followers on twitter would be to communicate as well to promote your twitter handle (the @username). You should put your Twitter handle on your visiting cards, on your website, on most of your advertising pamphlets and leaflets and invite people to connect with you on Twitter, irrespective of whether they are existing customer or not.

In addition to this, twitter has a paid advertisement facility on availing which you are allowed to promote your products and services on twitter. Also, don’t forget to post information on all your latest products, services and offers on your twitter page. Only if your page has content will you increase your followers.

That’s it. I am sure that the above tips to increase Twitter followers will definitely help you. Now you are ready to increase your followers on Twitter and expand your business and connections through one of the largest online communities in the world. Happy Tweeting!

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