The Kavanaugh Circus Shows That All Politics Are Now Sexual

“And I just want to say to the men in this country, just shut up and step up. Do the right thing — for a change.”


Thus spake Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, last week about allegations that Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh engaged in a sexual assault as a teen.

Lost in all the ballyhoo about new accusers is how the good senator took Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” comment to a whole new dimension.

Then, half of Donald Trump’s supporters were “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic,” which made them “irredeemable” — and presumably disqualified from participating in our democratic (small “d”) system.

But now, it’s not just half of Trump’s 63 million voters who shouldn’t have a voice. It’s half the entire adult population. And it turns out that, in a #metoo world, just being “sexist” — in other words, male — is enough.

Do you, as a man, have an opinion on whether Judge Kavanaugh’s emphatic denials are more credible than murky, unsubstantiated and sometimes contradictory assertions?

Do you wonder whether a life of public service, and the word of 65 women (and now six Yale classmates) who knew the judge back when, should carry more weight than allegations — with no witnesses — of incidents that may or may not have happened 3-1/2 decades ago?

Do you think it is awfully convenient that these charges came out late in the process and that the latest accuser convinced herself of her own account, according to New Yorker reporter Ronan Farrow, after the Democrats “began looking” at the story?

“Stifle yourself,” insists the solon from the Aloha State. You’re “perpetuating all these kinds of actions” — whatever that means — and must “do the right thing.”

What is that “right thing”? In judging the initial allegations, and undoubtedly the latest charges, men must adhere to the new Kirsten Gillibrand standard: “I believe her because she’s telling the truth.”

You see, Christine Blasey Ford (and Diane Ramirez) are women making sexual assault charges, which takes courage, and therefore must be credited. Plus the fact that they want their impossible-to-prove-or-disprove allegations to be investigated guarantees they’re telling the truth. Because why else would anyone making potentially career-destroying accusations with so little evidence demand that the FBI prove a negative?

Meanwhile, the 11 Republican male senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee dare not question Ford. They are, Senator Gillibrand insists, “bullying” her.

Except in this New Wonderland of Washington, Ford’s lawyers seem to have lobbied for exactly that scenario. They didn’t want female counsels questioning the witness — presumably because otherwise we’d miss the spectacle of older men callously grilling an alleged sexual assault victim. And the opportunity for Democrats to wail on not just these out-of-touch and insensitive males, but all Republicans by association — just in time to fire up single and suburban women and swell the looming Blue Wave.

You see, Tip O’Neill once opined that all politics is local. But with the weaponization of #metoo — on top of years of gotcha politics around issues like abortion, birth control and rape — all politics are now sexual.

And increasingly from the Democratic side, sexist.

Yes. You heard me.

The basic test as to whether a position is discriminatory is to imagine how it might come across if the target were turning the tables.

“And I just want to say to the women in this country, just shut up and step up.” (You just don’t get how this process feels for a man, when imagined or mistaken sexual assault allegations can destroy his career.)

“I believe Judge Kavanaugh because he is telling the truth.” (Men who make unqualified denials of committing sexual assault must always be believed, no matter the evidence.)

Blatant sexism like Sens. Hirono and Gillibrand’s has been institutionalized in the generation-long government war on men and boys — a war that is transforming the long-standing gender gap into a “gender chasm.” Unsurprisingly, even before the latest allegations, men were much more likely to believe Kavanaugh than women. Meanwhile, white male millennials in particular are deserting the Democratic Party in droves.

Who could blame young men, who must wonder what happens if, per Senator Hirono, they must now “shut up” on any matter involving sexual assault — even if, for example, their own careers are destroyed by sexual assault allegations without opportunities to respond based on traditional standards of proof?

Oh, wait — I’ve just described the Title IX college sexual misconduct kangaroo courts imposed by the Obama administration — and recently skewered by a federal appeals court.

Kafkaesque. But it’s the future 119 million American adult males face on just about any issue where sexual politics can be shoehorned in — in short, every issue — if Sens. Hirono and Gillibrand have their way.

This escalation of the rhetorical and political war on males must not stand. In particular, Sen. Hirono should be called to account for her sexist, insensitive remarks — not lionized for them (and, if I may say so — and I surely may not — for her “unladylike” propensity to drop F-bombs).

Or, if she can’t be more civil, balanced and respectful, should she maybe just … how to put it politely … “shut up”?


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