Teddy Swims Wife Love Exposed: Married or Bachelorhood?

teddy swims wife

Teddy Swims Wife: Teddy Swims is a man of many talents, but when it comes to his private life, he prefers to keep things under wraps. The rising music star has always been notoriously private about his relationships and clarified that he doesn’t want to discuss it.

However, back in 2016, Teddy caused quite a stir on Twitter when he announced that his wife had left him. The tweet set off a frenzy of speculation, with fans and media outlets trying to uncover the truth about his marital status.

Despite the rumors and follow-up tweets confirming his married status, Teddy never revealed much information about his ex-wife or many details about their relationship. Only a select few close to him seemed to know the specifics, such as when they first met, how long they dated, and when they got married.

Since then, Teddy has kept his personal life firmly under wraps, and fans are left guessing about his current relationship status. However, it’s clear that Teddy values his privacy and prefers to focus on his music career instead.

However, one thing is for sure – with his soulful music and captivating performances, Teddy Swims is a star on the rise. We can’t wait to see what he does next.

Teddy Swims Wife: Teddy And Nelly’s Relationship

Teddy Swims may be private about his relationships, but he shared his love for Nelly on Valentine’s Day in 2020. He posted a sweet slideshow of him and Nelly hugging, and his caption made it clear that she was his home and peace.

Nelly reciprocated the love and posted the same pictures on her Instagram account, calling Teddy her best friend and professing her love for him.

Their fans were overjoyed to see the couple so in love, but unfortunately, the posts have since been deleted from both of their Instagram accounts.

It’s believed that Nelly may have been Teddy’s ex-wife, who he announced had left him on Twitter in 2016. While there’s no official confirmation, the timeline of events certainly points in that direction. Whatever the case, fans of Teddy Swims are still rooting for him to find happiness in his personal life, just as he’s found success in his career.

Teddy Swims Wife  Life

Is Teddy Swims going to be a dad? That’s the question on many people’s minds after a post from Nelly, Teddy’s ex-wife, seemed to hint at the possibility. In a January 2020 post, Nelly talked about their revived relationship, and many fans speculated that they were expecting a baby.

Although we don’t know why Nelly left Teddy in 2016, the two have found their way back to each other. Nelly also revealed that she had regained custody of her son and celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.

While Teddy’s social media accounts don’t indicate that he’s still married to Nelly beyond 2020, many of his admirers believe that Nelly was the wife he mentioned in a tweet from 2016. Whatever the case, we wish Teddy and Nelly all the best, whether they’re together or not.

Teddy Swims Wife: And Cassidie Cottone’s Relationship

The soulful singer, Teddy Swims, has found himself a new lady love, and her name is Cassidie Cottone. If you’re a fan of the crooner, you’ve probably seen Cassidie’s beautiful art on her Instagram page.

Although we don’t know much about Cassidie’s family, we do know that she hails from the sunny city of Los Angeles, California. We also know that Teddy and Cassidie went public with their relationship in 2021, shortly after Teddy’s breakup with his ex, Nelly.

Teddy and Cassidie share a passion for body art and often show off their pictures on social media. They seem completely obsessed with and support each other personally and professionally.

It’s unclear how long their love will last, but they enjoy each other’s company to the fullest. Maybe we’ll hear a beautiful duet from the two talented artists. Only time will tell!


Teddy Swims values his privacy when it comes to his personal life, but his fans are always eager to know more about the man behind the music. While he may keep his relationships out of the spotlight, his soulful melodies continue to capture the hearts of many.


Who is Teddy Swims?

Teddy Swims, the rising star of soulful music, is known for his signature blend of R&B and pop.\

1. Is Teddy Swims his real name?

Yes, Teddy Swims is his stage name. His real name is Jaten Dimsdale.

2. How did Teddy Swims get discovered?

Teddy gained attention by posting covers of popular songs on YouTube. His soulful voice and unique interpretations caught the eye of many, eventually leading to his rise to fame.

3. Where is Teddy Swims from?

Teddy Swims is from Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

4. Does Teddy Swims write his own music?

Yes, Teddy Swims is not only known for his covers but also for his original music. He co-writes many of his songs.

5. What is Teddy Swims’ music style?

Teddy Swims’ music style blends elements of R&B, soul, and pop, creating a unique and captivating sound that resonates with listeners worldwide.