Stay Away From These 8 Things That Blocking Your Creativity

Full myth is that only highly intelligent people are creative. In fact, studies show that if surpass IQ of 120, which is slightly above average, intelligence and creativity has never been connected to one another. This means that even if you’re not smarter than most people, you still have the potential to harness the amazing creative powers.

Then why so few people are highly creative? The reason is that there are some harmful, many bad habits that block your mind and bend the paths of creativity in the complex system of the brain. Like all habits, they can be removed if the person they recognize and aim to remove them.

Here follow the 8 most harmful of them that might hinder the operation and development you:


1. Evaluate Creative Product

Young woman drawing splashes

Young woman drawing splashes

You can not drive a car into first gear and make a U-turn in the same second. In other words, you do not try to think simultaneously about two things we need to think separately and consecutively, one after another. To create, is to generate new ideas, visualize, looking ahead, thinking about possibilities. To evaluate means to analyse and judge, assign imprisonment, apart aside ideas and sort them into piles in mind as good and bad, useful and useless. Most people appreciate too soon and too often. Therefore create less because too much rush in the analysis.


2. Listed to Everyone but Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart

This is a big problem in every field of activity. Many of the so-called. gurus will give you advice on this issue. Listen to them, but think well if you follow them. Some of the most successful people in the world are doing what other people have advised them not to do and what they were told would never work. Every path to success is unique and different.


3. Fear of Failure

Fear of Failure

Nobody wants to make mistakes and fail. But if too meticulously trying to avoid failure, you will avoid success. The ratio always is: to increase your level of success, you need to target making more mistakes. In other words, take more chances and will succeed more often. The few great ideas that come to mind will be more than adequate compensation for all your stupid mistakes.


4. Fear of Things that are Unclear and Incomprehensible


Most people love prefer to capture only the things that they think make sense. Unfortunately, life is not always orderly and comprehensible. There are some things we will never understand as to harness your mind, and some tasks that will never resolve. Experts in advertising agree that most great creative ideas are born out of chaos. Reconciled to what you see that it works even if you can not explain why.


5. Lack of Trust

Lack of Trust

A certain degree of uncertainty accompanies any creative act. The small dose of self-doubt is healthy. However, you should be confident in their abilities to create and invent effective solutions to problems. When you understand that ideas often initially seem a little crazy that failure is just a learning process and that everything is possible, you are about to become more confident and more creative. Instead divide in your mind the world of the possible and impossible, divide it what you’ve tried and what are not.


6. Discouraged by Others

Discouraged by Others

The opinion of others is certainly deterred thousands of ingenious ideas and their realization in the history of mankind. Indeed, man is a social being and can not help but be influenced by others, but if there were not those who dared to oppose the general idea, the world would not have walked to progress.


7. Excessive Information

Lots of Books Excessive Information

Being cluttered with information can also block your mind as anything else. The process is called “paralysis of analysis”. This is a state in which thought so much that it loses its ability to respond. It is claimed that the information for the brain what food is to the body. It should not overdo it because overcrowding is unhealthy condition. Every successful person knows when to stop collecting information and take action.


8. Being Trapped in the Wrong Borders

Trapped in the Wrong Borders

Ask a writer or author of a great idea and get a solution that is measured in words. Ask a designer and will present it as a vision. Blogger will approach in their own way, perhaps multimedia. We are all a product of personal experience. But the limits we set are determined by ourselves. Sometimes we set boundaries and wrong so stop your mind to produce that which is capable of.

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