How to Start a Xerox Shop in India

Xerox or photocopy business is a lucrative business opportunity. You can start even with very low investment. All you need is a shop or space, xerox machine and other things. Since not many other resources are required, you can even start your own xerox shop with low investment.

In this post you will find the best advice to start a xerox shop in India. So read this post completely and understand all the details.

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Location of your shop

Like all other businesses, location is a very important factor for setting up your xerox shop. Ideal location for your shop would be in markets or near office areas, colleges etc. Identifying and setting up a shop in such areas would help you a lot in increasing your revenue and profits. You can rent/lease or purchase the shop directly from the owner if you don’t have one already. Also make sure you obtain necessary licences and registrations with local bodies & authorities in your area. Electricity connection would also be required to operate the photocopy machines.


Setting up a xerox shop

Once you have the premises, set up your shop. Purchase xerox or photocopy machines of reputable companies. Find out dealers in your town and get in touch with them. Make sure you get the best price. Also get in touch with paper dealers and buy photocopy papers in bulk quantity to get maximum discounts. Also purchase other required stationery items. To increase your offering you can offer other services like printing, scanning, fax, selling stationery etc.


Getting Manpower

You can operate the shop and machines yourself or hire someone to do it. Select the best person who is trustworthy and skilled. If he doesn’t know how to operate the machines teach him and get him/her trained. Make sure you pay them reasonable salary.



This is a crucial step. Set up billboards, distribute flyers among college students, get in touch with commercial establishments, etc. to market your services. Students and commercial establishments often have bulk photocopying work and this will help you to build volume and make more profits.

These are some of the most important points to start a xerox shop in India. Try to research about this business wherever you can. Visit a few photocopy centres in your are and check out how they work. if possible talk to people in this business/industry and get information from them. Do proper research about your competitors having similar businesses and operating in the same area. Try to learn from them.

As with other businesses, hard work and patience is needed. Initially, the business might be low but as the shop becomes popular you will start getting lots of business provided your service is top notch and pricing reasonable.

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    Could you please suggest which is the best multi function xerox machine(photo copier) for commercial purpose in village. Daily around 300 copies.

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