How to Start Photo Studio Business in India

Starting a photo studio can be a very good business opportunity. A photo studio can be started with less investment. All you need is a space for setting up the photo studio, good professional camera and other photography equipments like lenses and lights, a computer and printer, softwares for photo editing, stationary like photo paper and a few other things and you are good to go. Of course, you will require professional skills of a good photographer (if you intend to do photography yourself) or hire a good photographer.

Read this article for complete step by step exhaustive guide to setup your own photo studio business in India.

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Get Professional Photography Skills

In order to become a good photographer, you need to have good photography skills. You can enroll with any institute offering professional photography courses and learn as much as you can. You can research about good institutes available in your state online. Alternatively, you can also work as an assistant to a reputed established photographer and learn the tricks of this business.

If you are planning to hire a photographer for your studio, make sure you check his portfolio and skills and then hire him/her. He is the most important part of your business, so be careful.


Setting up Photo Studio

Once you have required skills in place, proceed with setting up your studio. You can rent premises or use a shop you already own. Like all other businesses, location of your studio plays a very important role. So choose the location wisely. Purchase all items for your business including photography equipment. Don’t compromise on this as good equipment is really necessary. Also purchase stationery, furniture, computers and other required things. Put everything in place and you are good to go.


Decide Your Services

Decide what services you plan to offer. Event photography, product or model photoshoots can be good revenue churning services. In your studio, you can offering photo printing services like printing stamp, passport or other type of photos, photo editing, etc. You can even consider selling things like digital cameras, camera accessories and things like photo frames to increase your offerings and thereby your profits.


Market Your Photo Studio

Be sure to market your photo studio well. Marketing is essential for any business, not just photo studio business. Print business cards, flyers, pamphlets and distribute in your area. Get in touch with event organizers, hotels, etc. and do a tie-up. You can also consider using social media websites to spread word about your photo studio business.  Another important thing for any photographer is a portfolio website which need not be anything high class. A simple site to display information about you, your contact business and most importantly your photography skills is essential.

That’s it. You are good to go. Starting a photo studio business in India is one of the best decisions you can make. Just work hard and you are bound to reap the benefits in form of profits. Initially, the business might be low but don’t lose hope. As word spreads about you and your photo studio, the customers will definitely increase.

If you have any experience in setting up photo studio in India or have any queries, feel free to comment on this article using comment box below.

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