How to Start a Mobile Repairing Business

Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives- we practically, sleep and breath mobile phones, lunging for them first thing in the morning to check our notifications and messages before we even swing our feet down from the bed. It is a mentally numbing for us, therefore, to go through the day when our mobile phones aren’t functioning properly- we are devastated to say the least and our entire world comes crashing down upon us. It is then that we need to get our phones repaired.

Mobile repairing is a very lucrative business nowadays because a large number of people continue to use their devices even after the expiration of the manufacturer warranty and a good many of them need to get their phones repaired once in a while. If you are planning on self-employment and want to be in the service sector, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to walk you through the steps and needs for starting a mobile repairing business.

Mobile Repairing

Stuff Needed to Start Mobile Repairing Business

First, let’s go through a list of the all things you will need to even contemplate starting a mobile repairing business. We have prepared a primary list that covers all bases, but needs to be customised according to individual cases:

  • A business plan: You need a sound business plan with a clear agenda as to where you where you wish to see yourself five years from now and the roadmap to get there.
  • Tools: You can’t repair cell phones without the required tools. You would need the specialised testers, screwdrivers, etc. You can find the relevant tools on
  • Computer: Sometimes phones have problems on the software front and you need to check this. For that, you need a computer running on the latest operating system and need to load the relevant mobile software maintenance and troubleshoot applications therein.
  • Office Space: You need a good place to set up shop. You can either run your business from your home garage or take a place in rent. You also need furniture and office equipment such as stationery and calculators to run your business smoothly.
  • Miscellaneous: Other things such as visiting cards, advertisement flyers with rates, replacement parts, etc. are essential for starting a mobile repairing business.


Have the Knowledge of Mobile Repairing


So you have got everything on the list above right to the tiniest detail, but none of that is going to make any difference unless you have the knowledge of how to repair phones. If you have no training of how to repair mobile phones whatsoever, don’t despair- there are a lot of online as well as brick and mortar schools that teach mobile repairing courses. All you have to do is find one that is near you and enrol yourself. Again, if you are a person who has always enjoyed opening up gadgets and understanding their working, then you too can hone your passion and inborn talent by enrolling yourself in a course on mobile repairing.


Have the Passion

passion for work

Courses and second-hand knowledge can only get you so far. None of this would be worthwhile unless you are passionate about mobile phones. Remember, a customer will always believe that you are more tech- savvy and possess more knowledge about phones than he does. You must never abuse that belief or let it be proven false if you want to taste success in your mobile repairing business. Therefore, you must always keep abreast of the latest developments and innovations in mobile phone technology.

You can do this in a number of ways. The Internet is your greatest friend and a treasure trove of knowledge in this respect. Online forums started by phone manufacturers and expert communities post and discuss latest developments, bugs and problems users are facing in their devices. You will do good to be a regular visitor at these forums. Windows Central, Android Authority,, etc. are examples of expert forums.

Another mode in which you can keep abreast of all changes is to follow the phone advertisements and read the reviews on the latest gadgets. With the sheer number of phones coming out each month, it would be impossible to read up on all devices, but it will be very helpful if you could follow the reviews on the hyped and awaited phones and combined that with the knowledge you regularly glean from the forums. Remember, passion is the key to success.


Start Mobile Repairing Business


So there you are, you’re all set to start repairing some damaged phones. Remember to always keep the spare parts handy as people like to get their phones repaired instantly or within a a few hours of leaving them with you.  So it would be great if you had a few spare screens, buttons and charging ports about. Finally, remember that the customer is always right and always try to give the best of your service. How to know you’re doing alright? Make sure the customer returns with a new phone to repair and not with his old one for a second time. Good Luck!

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  1. Anand

    Jul 28. 2016

    If there is an availability of mobile in high rate than we have the chance of mobile repair business in high demand. keep posting articles like this so that we can get new ideas.

    thanks for this great post.

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  2. Baba fareed

    Aug 05. 2016

    It’s a very good idea. Now a days its a better idea to earn good money. Now a days Mobile became a body part in every human being.

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