How to Start Mobile Recharge Business

Mobile recharge business is a very good, profitable and low cost business opportunity in India. As mobile penetration and the number of mobile phone users is increasing at an exponential rate, it makes sense start mobile recharge business and make profits.

The major advantage of starting your own mobile recharge business is that you can start with very low investment. You don’t need to invest heavily. Just a simple mobile which is activated for doing mobile recharge, vouchers/coupons of mobile recharge, computer with internet facility (if required) etc are the only minimum things required.  Also the products (i.e recharge coupons) sell very fast and quickly as almost every person needs it some point of time. This business also does not require very high level skills and thus can be started by any individual.

In this post we will tell you some ideas and key points which will help you to start your own mobile recharge business.


Location for Your Mobile Recharge Shop

Mobile Recharge

It is important to decide and select the best place to set up your own mobile recharge business. If you already have any kind of shop or running business, you can simply expand your business line and provide recharge facility to your customers.


Getting Mobile Recharge Facility

This is very important and crucial step but it’s fairly easy. You just need to contact the distributors or dealers of various mobile networks, say, Vodafone, Idea, Airtel, Uninor, Aircel, BSNL etc and tell them that you want to setup mobile recharge business. They will quickly help you out and guide you further. You can locate dealers/agents/distributors by asking other people having recharge business or you can even search online. If you visit the respective mobile networks office, they would also guide you.


Introduce other Value Added Services

Value Added Services

This can be another good opportunity to increase revenue and build profits. You can introduce various other complementary services like selling SIM cards, mobile accessories, doing DTH recharges, booking air, rail, bus tickets etc. This will help you increase your profits without much extra resources or investment.


Marketing your Recharge Business

Motivation Marketing Strategy

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This is another important step. You need to tell the customers that you provide recharge facility. Put up banners, flyers around your shop. Most of the network companies provide free posters and other marketing material which you can display around your shop. Tell your regular existing customers, neighbours, people in your vicinity etc that you offer mobile recharge facility.

Mobile recharge business has very high probability of becoming successful and there is very less risk involved as the overheads are less and the investment in much lesser as compared to other businesses. It will also be easier to market and sell the products since they are always in high demand.

You are bound to succeed if you start mobile recharge business provided you follow the correct approach and work sincerely with hard work. If you offer other value added services like mentioned above it can become a major revenue churner business. Many mobile networks run specific promotional offers and schemes from time to time for retailers, agents, distributors etc wherein you get added benefits for completing specific targets. Make sure you achieve the targets/goals and make additional revenue.

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