How to Start a Matrimonial Bureau Agency Business in India

Marriage Bureau Agency is a very profitable business in India; it can run throughout the year because it’s simple-everyone wants to get married. The first few years are very crucial- if it runs well then it is bound to be a great success. But there are few things that you need to know about this business, before investing in it. But no worries, we are here to guide you through the most basic and the most composite things in this business.


What is a Marriage Bureau?

Marriage Bureau

The name says it; it helps people to find perfect matches as their life partner.  People who are interested in marriage can register their name in the directory. The agency then sorts out the entries and makes matches with other entries. If a good match is found, the agency then contacts the candidate profiles and informs them about the person. If the candidate finds the match well, then the agency arranges a meeting among those people. This is how a marriage bureau agency works.


Things to Remember

The most important thing to keep in mind is, you are dealing with a very important and sensitive thing. So, keep in mind that, if you do some mistakes then it might ruin the start-up, but if you work hard enough and be sensitive then a few successful relationships can provide a clean path for the future. If you are new to the business, then you must gather some experience first. Work for few months in a similar agency; it can provide you with hands-on experience in managing the workload, managing other employees and marketing experiences.


Choosing a Location for Your Office

The location of your office is yet another crucial thing to think about. It’s very important you that you set your office in a widely-populated area, where there would be numerous residential buildings. Because it’s after-all people who you will be dealing with. If possible search for a place which will be road facing.


You Can Also Start Matrimonial Bureau Agency Business from Your Home

This is yet another way; it can minimize your investment on finding an office. If you live in a well-populated society, then you are good to go. Get a separate room for yourself; purchase a decent new computer and an advertising banner. If you are successful in this start up in your society, then words about this will be spreading like wildfire, and you will have a pretty good opportunity to expand your business.


Select a Community You Want to Start With?


As we are Indians so we give a great thought about community, caste, sub-caste and many other religious sections. You must learn about your society first-hand, if there are a good number of a particular community in your society then start with that community. If your business runs well then include other communities too. Below are the most common religion which you can chose:

  • Hindu
  • Sikh
  • Muslim
  • Christian
  • Jain
  • Buddhist
  • Parsi
  • Jewish
  • Bahai
  • Other


How Much Time You Are Willing to Put in It

The next important thing is whether you want to run this business as full-time or part-time. The ideal way would be to start part time on a small scale, get some initial success and then expand by working full time in this business.


How Do You Want to Start an Matrimonial Bureau Agency as an Individual or in Partnership?

You can start this business alone as well as with a partner. If you do it alone, then all the monetary investments become yours. There will be a huge workload, but on the other hand, the whole profit becomes yours. If you want to start this business with a partner, then the workload gets distributed a lot, both of you can invest a good capital and start the business. But it’s hard to find someone trustworthy enough to start a business with, but if you have a good partner, then it’s perfectly fine. Associate with someone whom you can trust. We would advise you to start the business alone. Keep the workload less and don’t keep any pending work.  If the workload or your business expands manifold, then you can consider hiring employees or getting a partner on board.


Choosing a Matrimonial Bureau Agency Business Name

Every start-up needs a good name, a catchy name which would attract clients at its best. But it’s a frustrating job. Start thinking about a single name, and loads of gibberish names pop up instantaneously in your head. Gibberish is, still jots it down and make a list. Make combination with different words, and you might find a good one. You can also ask for the suggestion from few friends who are good at it.



Marketing is the most important area in any business if people don’t get to know about your business then how you will get clients? You can spread words about your business in two ways.

  • Manually through hard copies of brochures, business cards, newspaper advertisements etc.
  • Digitally such as an e-brochure, this is the soft copy or .pdf version of your hardcopy.
  • Online advertisements like pay-per-click advertisements, where advertisers have to pay a fee every single time their ad is clicked.
  • Building your website & creating a presence on social media.

Your family and friends can help you too. Give them your business card and brochure, so they get a good grasp on what you’re doing. If possible ask your friends and family members to take few business cards with them, if they find someone interested then they can give them your card. Also, ask them for references of people who might be interested in your services.


Start with Low Pricing Fee

As you are starting a new business, keep your fees low. You don’t want to scare your clients away by holding a huge bill in front of them. You are starting new, and you must compete with your rival by setting the price such that the clients get a better deal from you. Keep your prices low for the first few months. If you are doing better on the field, then you can raise your prices carefully.


Minimum Investment

Here comes the most important factor, money. You can’t start your business from zero. The minimum investment in near about 10,000 to 100,000 INR- depending on the scale you are starting. It would take the time to cover the invested money, once this money is covered all the profit becomes yours. The time that is needed to cover the initial expenses depends on numerous factors such as, the number of clients you get in a period, how many people you work with, how much money you have to pay for rent, electricity bills, taxes and all.



The average cost of all the things that you must keep in mind before thinking about this startup. We are providing you with a list of all the expenditure that might be there, even the hidden ones.


  • Security deposit for the shop-40,000 INR

It’s basically a one-time deposit that the landlord takes while handing you the shop, you can negotiate with your landlord on this. The landlord will make you sign an agreement.


  • Rent of the shop-8,000 to 10,000 INR per month

This is the money that you need to pay every month to the landlord every month. Rent can always negotiate with the landlord about this. If the client count is fair enough on a regular basis, then it won’t be a burden to pay this amount.


  • Salary of a staff/assistant-10,000 to 12,000 INR per month

It would always be better to keep an assistant to help you in the business. A professional might charge a good sum of money, so it’s always better to start with a fresher. You can give him/her a good raise if the business runs well. It’s all about keeping the people happy you work with.


  • Electricity bill- 1500 INR per month

If you put on an air conditioner, it’s going to pull a great amount of power, but it is necessary as you want to keep your clients satisfied. Apart from AC, there will be lights, fan, computer, etc.


  • Computer and a printer- 20,000.

This is must for all business; you can keep all your data on the computer. A printer is very essential to print offline forms, information about a candidate, etc.


  • Furnishing the shop- 10,000 to 15,000 INR

You must give a good coat of paint to your office room; any sober color would be great. Keep very few furniture and don’t keep any unnecessary objects in the office. Give your office a minimalist look, it makes people more productive and creates a peaceful environment. If you are going to make your home as the office, this expenditure can also be nullified.


  • Printing cost of brochures and visiting cards-5000 INR

Print an interactive brochure, and a professional visiting card. It can be done from any good printing shop; the cost is less. There are also many online merchants who take order for printing visiting cards and brochures.

Please note that if you are starting your business from home on a small scale, major costs mentioned above can be excluded from the list of the initial investment.



Setting up a perfect margin can prove a great outcome. Pricing can be done this way, if someone wants just to enlist his or her name, charge about 500 INR, this is a one-time investment. Next, if they find a match and are interested in them, arrange a get together meeting with the family of two, for which you can charge about 1000 INR from each family. From then you can charge 1000 INR from every such meeting from each family. So from each of the successful relationship, you can earn a great deal of about 3000 INR from the two families.


Few Important Tricks

Start Marriage Bureau Business

Who doesn’t like discounts, coupons, offers and all? People love offers the more they get from the money they pay, happier they will be. Few such ways are-

  • Put discount coupons in your brochures and visiting cards you distribute, and put a deadline to it, such that the offer will be invalid in one month. Offers can be like 20%-30% discount on the registration fees, by doing this you will earn less from each registration, but the number of your clients can increase dramatically.
  • If you succeed in forming a good relationship, offer them to print their wedding cards at a specific discount.

Now keep in mind that you are here to earn money as well as earning good clients, there must be a balance between such offers and your earnings. If you hit the perfect ratio, chances are you’ve hit the jackpot.



ROI is Return on Investment. Return on investments on Marriage Bureau Agencies can range from 20% to as high as 60%. For the starting months, it’s bound to be low due to initial investments, but later on, it will give a peak rise if everything runs well accordingly.

The formulae you can use to calculate your Return on Investment is

Return on Investment = (Total income along with profits- investment)/Investment

*all figures in INR

With the aid of this, you can yourself check your monthly ROI. You can use our simple ROI Calculator to get the correct results.



Marriage Bureau Agency can prove to be a very profitable business in India. But you need to be very hard working and enthusiastic to make big profits out of it. Don’t stay stuck in the same place for years and years, grow your business. If it goes well, you can also open branches in different part of the city for reaching out to more clients. We hope you find this guide helpful in starting this business.  Let us know your views and suggestions via the comment box below, and stay tuned to find more business ideas which can be started with low investment but will also generate handsome profits.

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