How to Start Cyber Cafe Business in India

Starting a cyber cafe is one of the best business opportunity available in India today. As internet penetration is increasing, more and more people are becoming aware about internet and as a result the number of internet users in growing exponentially. Opening a cyber cafe can be a profitable business provided you start it with a proper business plan and strategy. Below are some important points to be considered if you want to start cyber cafe in India.

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This is the most important factor. Choose the best location for your cyber cafe. Proximity to colleges, office buildings, etc. would be advantageous. Moreover if the location is facing or located on a main road, it would be even more beneficial. If you already have a purchased shop then you can start a cyber cafe in it or you can rent/lease premises.


Obtaining required licences and permissions

This is another compulsory step. You need to obtain all required licences and permissions from appropriate government authorities for starting your business. The formalities may be different in each state, hence it’s recommended that you find it out yourself (you can visit relevant government offices or ask other people operating businesses in your area for help and information) and obtain all the necessary things required. Also visit internet service provider in your area for the most important thing, internet connection, and complete formalities there too.


Setting up your cyber cafe

Setting up your cyber cafe

Make a list of all things you require in setting up your cyber cafe and source them from dealers or suppliers in your area. You would require computers, computer accessories, computer tables, chairs for customers, modems and routers, etc. You can think of buying used equipments which are cheap yet of good quality so that you don’t invest much in new equipments.


Selecting services

Cyber cafes are mainly meant for providing internet facilities. However, it’s necessary that you keep additional services for your customers which they might require. Such services are printing (color/black and white), xerox, stationery etc. Another common service is gaming stations as teenagers and youngsters love playing games. You can even keep computer accessories which are commonly required like pen drives, blank CD’s etc. Keeping food items like chips, cold drinks etc may also be a good option.




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Once your cyber cafe has been setup, you need to market it. Distribute flyers in your area of operation, put up banners and boards, etc. Spread word in your area. You can even get in touch with offices, businesses, colleges and other commercial establishment and inform them about services provided by you.

Like all other businesses, your revenues and profits might be low. However, once word spreads about your cyber cafe, customers will increase thereby increasing your profits. Before you start make a complete business plan, strategy and then proceed. Research various resources available online in this subject. Study similar businesses in your area and learnt about them. A good plan and strategy with hard work is the key to success.

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