How to Start a Barber Shop Business in India

Barber shop business is one of the most profitable businesses. It runs all the year round without being dependent on any factors, is very easy to start- just needs a location and trained manpower and costs very less initial invest to start as compared to other traditional business. In this post, we will guide you step by step about how to start a barber shop business in India with low investment and generate maximum returns on your investment.


Your Experience Matters a Lot

Barber in India

Like any other business, it always better if you have some previous experience in running or managing a business or venture. This experience comes in handy in many ways-say- hiring and managing employees, managing finances, marketing your business, etc. It’s recommended that you have some sort of professional experience before starting your own business. It will always come in handy and beneficial. For this business, you can even think of partnering with an existing barber shop owner and setting up another shop with his expertise and your investment. You can then split the profits. This will be a win-win situation for both of you- you will get the expertise of the person in the same business, and the person will get additional profits!

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Minimum Investment You Need to Opening a Barber Shop in India

Barber Shop

Running a barber shop doesn’t require heavy investments. It can be comfortably started with Rs.50,000- Rs.1 lakh which includes operational costs of few months until your business breaks even and starts generating profits. The initial startup cost depends on a lot of factors like location, hiring of manpower, scale at which you are starting the business, etc. If you already have bought the premises for your business, you can even save on the rent.



I have listed down all the major costs which are involved in Starting a Barber Shop Business in India. Please note that these are purely indicative figures and the actual costing can go below or above the indicative figures depending on a lot of factors.


Deposit for the shop – Rs. 60,000 (One time)

This is generally a one-time deposit which is charged by landlord as a refundable security deposit. Usually, the security deposit is 6 months’ rent. You can negotiate with your landlord and get the best deal.  If you already own a shop, this component can be ignored since you won’t be taking any premises on rent.


Rent of the shop – Rs. 10,000 per month

A decent road facing shop in a reasonably good location will cost you around Rs.10,000 per month. Make sure you don’t compromise on the shop location and get the best shop having a residential area nearby and preferably a road facing shop having decent footfalls.


Salary of 1 assistant or staff – Rs. 15,000 per month

You need to hire a staff member or assistant to help you in your business. Make sure you pay the him decent salary so that he is dedicated and works efficiently. I have assumed the salary of Rs.15,000 per month in this calculation. You can increase or decrease it based on your understanding.


Electricity – Rs.1000 per month

You will definitely require electricity connection for your business. I have assumed the amount of Rs.1000 per month. The exact electricity bill will depend on factors like the area of the shop, no of electrical equipment you use, etc.


Equipment & Furnishings – Rs.10,000

When you start a barber business, you definitely need to have required equipment & you also need to furnish the shop. Equipment will include hair brushes, scissors, cosmetics, trimmers, shavers, etc. You also need to furnish your shop well with proper equipment. This will include mirrors on the walls, chairs, table, etc. Make sure you buy good quality equipment and furnishings so that they last for a long time.


Other Miscellaneous Costs – Variable

The amounts mentioned above are not the only expenses which come up while starting a barber shop in India. There will be a lot of added expenses which come up from time to time, but they cannot be predicted beforehand. So please make sure you keep some amount reserved as a buffer amount in-case any problems arise later.



Barber shop business is essentially a service based business wherein you are offering your customer’s hair cutting, shaving, massage or other such beauty and grooming services. It completely depends on how you set the margin for the services you offer. For example, most of the small barber shops charge somewhere around Rs.50-Rs.100 for a simple haircut. So you can set the charges accordingly for your services. Do analysis about charges and margins of other barber shops in your area, and then you can set your charges and margins based on that. Make sure all your charges are reasonable yet have decent margins for you to survive and make profits as a business.



The typical return on investment is anywhere upwards of 30-50% for a barber shop business in India. The return on investment can vary significantly based on the income you generate from business and the initial cost you have invested in the business.

You can use below formula to calculate Return on Investment-

Return on Investment (ROI)= (Y-X) / (X) Where

X= Cost of Investment or amount you invested

Y= Gain from investment or the total money you got with profits

Once you have the exact figure of the amount you have invested in total and the money generated from business, you can calculate your ROI yourself and see.


Equipment You Need to Start a Barber Shop Business in India

Barber Shop Equipment List with Names

As mentioned previously above, when starting your own barber shop business in India, you ought to buy best in class equipment to run your business. Below is a list of major equipment which you will require-

Chairs – You need to buy specialized chairs which you see in barber shops. The number of chairs you want to start with will depend upon the scale of your business. You can initially start with small no and gradually increase as your business grows.

Mirrors – You must have seen big mirrors on the walls in barber shops. You will have to necessarily buy these for your shop as well.

Scissors, Trimmers, Shaver’s –  You will have to buy these very necessary items as well. Find a vendor in your area and negotiate hard to get best the price. Buy high-quality durable products only.

Cosmetics – You will also have to buy hair oils, cosmetics, shaving creams, talcum powders, etc. on a regular basis every month. Find a reliable supplier for this also and build a good relationship with him to get best prices.

Furniture & Electrical fittings – These things also would be required. You may add a table and a few normal chairs for people who are visiting your shops. You will also require lighting, fans, air conditioning, etc. for your shop.


Find the Perfect Location

Perfect Business Location

Finding the perfect location is extremely important for your business to succeed. The location of your barber shop will make or break your business. So make sure you don’t compromise on this factor. Select shop in a prominent place especially near residential complexes and buildings. Road facing shop will be even better. You can take help of a real estate agent to find the best location for your shop.


Apply for License

When you are setting up your business, do not forget about applying for relevant licenses required in your area for starting barber shop business. Make sure you apply for all relevant licenses and complete all legal formalities beforehand to avoid any problems. Consult an expert from your area on this if you don’t have much idea or clarity on this.



Barber Shop Marketing

Marketing of your barber shop is very crucial, especially in the initial days, so that you get your initial customers. Once you have initial customers, word will spread, and you will get more and more paying new customers as well as repeat business from existing customers. For marketing, you can try setting up billboards, distributing pamphlets & flyers. You can also give big discounts to initial customers to get them to your shop for the first time & experience your service. If they like your service, they are bound to come at your shop every time after that.



Starting a barber shop business is a very profitable business generating the decent return on your investments. It can be started with low initial capital and can make good profits even from the first month itself. Like all other businesses, it also requires some time to establish. So, don’t lose hope and keep working hard to run & grow the business. We have provided you a complete step by step guidance in this article which we feel would be very helpful for people like you who are planning to start this business. Do let us know your views and suggestions via the comment box below and stay tuned to find more business ideas which can be started with low investment but will generate handsome profits.

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