Small Business Faces New Challenges In 2019 With Gridlocked Congress

So the mid-term elections are done and we had some winners and losers. Democrats took the House while Republicans increased their majority in the Senate. What does that mean for small business owners, entrepreneurs and Main Street? It means gridlock for Washington for the next two years. A stalemate like this means that small businesses will have to step up and take control of their own destiny in order to continue to grow their businesses.


Companies are on the right path. The President’s reduction in regulations and tax benefits will continue to encourage companies to invest in growing their business and as a result more jobs. But, it could be another story if Congress tries to do something different.

Here are some facts. The U.S. economy expanded by 4.2% in the second quarter, the fastest pace in nearly four years. Main Street has been investing back into their businesses, their people and their communities. This has resulted in an American economy that is booming, companies that are growing, and a renewed energy felt throughout the economy.

So, let’s hope Washington, D.C. doesn’t find a way to mess things up. Business owners will be watching closely to see what this new Congress has in mind.

While all of this unfolds in Washington we have businesses struggling with a different problem that has been decades in the making. A skilled workforce. It is the #1 challenge facing the entire economy and small business owners/entrepreneurs as companies struggle to recruit, onboard, and upskill workers. Labor shortages result in higher costs for businesses and force companies to raise wages to better recruit and retain top talent. It is a sign that an effective workforce training programs are more important than ever.

Millennial Worker Challenges

Business owners want a more prepared and well-equipped workforce as we enter 2019. And, at a time when two in three millennials say they will switch jobs within the next 18 months, we need a workforce that can quickly respond to new jobs and properly reskill in this rapidly shifting job environment.

Technology will continue to kill jobs while employees are not prepared. States that raise the minimum-wage (i.e Democratic states) will be making a big mistake when they pass legislation that further motivates companies to automate and replace jobs/people with machines. Silicon Valley tech firms will continue to invest (and raise huge amounts of money) to fuel artificial intelligence projects, robots, and automation that will completely decimate jobs in certain industries (i.e. construction, retail, and food).

It is crazy to think that at a time like this we are continuing the waste time and energy on regulations that only stand to hurt the American worker. We have a powerful workforce that both wants and needs access to better skill training. We cannot afford for more politicians to continue to pass prohibitive laws that make it more expensive and difficult for business owners to invest in their employees. If we continue down this path then you should not be surprised when a robot is making your coffee instead of your friendly barista.

Gridlock In D.C.

A stalemate in Washington, D.C. may accelerate fears of a possible economic downturn, can cause a shakeup on Wall Street as some companies start thinking of selling, and ultimately result in real effects to be felt on Main Street.

So what should small business owners and Main Street do? We must be aggressive in taking advantage of the state of the current economy to invest in their people, invest in technology, and invest in growth. As business owners, we must take advantage of the current climate and do everything we can to grow our businesses and work with our employees. We cannot allow leaders in Washington, D.C. to stop the progress we have made over the last few years.

A strong, growing and successful economy only happens when the over 70 million small business owners are doing well in this country. Let’s continue the economic momentum for our small business owners, entrepreneurs and Main Street.

  • Caucci is the founder & CEO of 1HUDDLE , an online employee training game platform for businesses.

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