Best Sites to Buy Books in India

Booklovers, by whatever name called, are always on the lookout for new ways to buy books; and with the advent of online marketing heralded by e-retailers, they have more options than they ever had to purchase the books they want. Previously restricted to only brick-and-mortar bookstores with a limited inventory and the occasional book fair to satiate their needs, the bookworms can now dig in deep and take in the aroma of freshly printed pages and get lost in new worlds- all from the convenience of their homes. In addition to the convenience associated with buying books online and getting them delivered at your doorstep, the books sold online are marked at 30-40% lower prices as compared to the same books sold through brick-and-mortar bookstores.


If you have already jumped onto the bandwagon of online book-buying then you already know everything we have said thus far. For others, the advantages mentioned above should be sufficient motivation to get clicking on that mouse. However, what we are going to say next is important for both groups- for the list of best sites to buy books in India is going to come in handy anytime you decide to buy that new novel that’s creating waves in the news. However note that the sites are not listed in any particular order.



Amazon Books

Amazon is one of the largest online retailers globally and the largest online bookseller in the world. It is no surprise then, when they translated this expertise and extensive to their Indian website with over 12 million books in a number of genres such as fiction, children’s books, exam and test prep and man more. Amazon has also played to its strengths by being the exclusive online seller of many popular books by prominent authors. The website has achieved tremendous popularity among booklovers in India despite being in operation for less than two years in the country due to frequent and amazing discount offers, prompt delivery, free shipping on amazon fulfilled books and sound replacement and refund policies for damaged books. In addition to printed books, amazon also has 3 million eBooks on its roster which can be purchased from their website and read on the Kindle e-readers or Kindle e-reading apps. A large number of these eBooks are discounted and often available for free, further augmenting the website’s popularity.



Flipkart books

Flipkart is one of the first successful online retailer in India which came into vogue from 2008. It is one of the top two e-retailers of India and has a large collection of books to choose from. The USP of this website is that it- in addition to English books- also has a large collection of books showcasing the best of Indian regional literature in languages such as Marathi, Bengali and Hindi. Flipkart is a great website for buying books simply for the facts of its great selection of books, fantastic packaging while shipping and high discounts on prices at regular occasions.



Infibeam logo

This is the another good website for buying books. Infibeam distinguishes itself from the other websites by providing regular discounts on all books in its catalogue and by having an extensive catalogue of educational books. The latter serves as the websites USP and is the reason for its success. However, the is also focuses on fiction and non-fiction books in other genres and offers them at low prices to win customers.



Paytm Logo

Initially an online cellular recharge and utility bill payment platform, this site has expanded to become an online retailer of pretty much everything, including books. Paytm is a great site to buy books simply because of its unparalled customer service and the real feel of buying a book from a brick-and-mortar store which is achieved by real time chat facilities between booksellers and customers on Paytrm. Although, the prices are not as low as Amazon or Flipkart, customers can negotiate the prices with the sellers by chatting with them on a one-on-one basis.




Snapdeal was the last of the major online retailers to start selling books. It is a hugely popular website for electronics and furniture which strives to translate that success to its bookstore as well. It is doing so steadily as a large number of people are taking advantage of the fact that the website offers huge discounts to increase its sales margins. Renowned for sound replacement and refund policies, the website is trusted by a large number of customers to have their books delivered in crisp and good condition.

Well the list is really endless. Apart from these major portals, there are quite a few other websites like URead, BookAdda which are decent enough to buy books from. Always compare the prices of book your are planning to buy so that you can choose the one offering highest discounts.

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