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Borders: Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is following up his party’s disastrous government shutdown on behalf of illegal immigrants by refusing to compromise on border security. What else can he do, since his party has become so radical on immigration?

X When  the Democratic leadership decided to shut down the government in an effort to force approval of DACA, they clearly thought the public would rally to their cause. They didn’t  and three days later Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, realizing his mistake, caved without getting anything in return.

Liberals in the party revolted at what they saw as Schumer’s surrender, so now he’s put another stake in the ground — saying that funding for a border wall was off the table in exchange for a DACA deal. If he sticks to that position, there will be no deal on DACA. The fact that Schumer is going down what he knows is a dead-end road shows just how extremist the Democratic base has become.

For those not following the ins and outs of the immigration debate on a daily basis, DACA refers to the legally questionable executive order President Obama issued in 2012, unilaterally granting special protections to people who came to the U.S. illegally as children. Trump reversed that order last September, and gave Congress until March to authorize the program — legally — by passing a bill.

But while DACA is popular with the public, the rest of the Democrats’ immigration agenda is not. In fact, the public’s views look remarkably like those of President Trump, which was made crystal clear in a Harvard-Harris poll released on Tuesday.

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Trump wants to end chain migration — which gives preferential treatment to members of an immigrant’s family members back home. The Harvard-Harris poll shows that 60% of the public agrees with him.

Trump wants to reform the nation’s immigration laws to focus on bringing in people with skills, rather than people with family connections; 79% agree with Trump. (Of more than two thirds of the 1.2 million people granted legal permanent residency in the U.S. in 2016, just 12% were based on job skills.)

More than two-thirds (68%) back Trump’s call to end the immigration “diversity” lottery.

And whether they realize it or not, the vast majority of Americans want far fewer legal immigrants admitted to the U.S. — with only 19% saying the number should be higher than 1 million a year.

How about border security, which has been Trump’s number one issue since he announced his candidacy? Turns out, 61% believe current border security is inadequate, and 79% want it made secure.

As to Trump’s wall, 54% support “building a combination of physical and electronic barriers across the U.S.-Mexico border,” which is essentially what Trump is actually proposing.

Here’s the coup de grace: 65% back a deal that restores DACA in exchange for the immigration reforms and the wall Trump wants.

By caving in to his party’s base, Schumer has positioned his party on the fringe, effectively putting the concerns of illegal immigrants — no matter how meritorious their claims — above border security and common-sense immigration reforms the public clearly wants.

Does Schumer really think the outcome of this new take-no-prisoners gambit will be any more successful than the government shutdown was?


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