How to Save Money on Groceries in 2016

If you are not the type to consume a lot of restaurant or canned or fast food, then it is only natural that you spend a great deal of money on buying groceries. Now, we understand how it is; in this tough economy, you’re keen on maintaining your health but finding it increasingly hard to do so.

No more reason to fret. As always, we have arrived with tips in how to save money on groceries. Our approach has always been more for less and you will no doubt find some solution to your problems in this article. So stop counting pennies and read on how to save money on groceries 2016.

A paper bag full of groceries, surrounded by a panorama of fruits, vegetables, bread, bottled beverages, and canned goods.  White background with light drop shadow.

A paper bag full of groceries, surrounded by a panorama of fruits, vegetables, bread, bottled beverages, and canned goods. White background with light drop shadow.

Do your Inventory

Take stock of your pantry and freezer every month to know what items you need and what you can skip buying for now. Here you should also consider the shelf life of items since a lot of grocery items aren’t fit for consumption after a stipulated time.


Consume your Pantry


Americans waste 25% of the groceries they buy. To prevent your food from turning into wasted money, sort through your fridge and pantry about once a week for items that are about to expire and eat them before they go bad. You can use cooking websites to know about dishes that you can make with available ingredients.


Plan Your Shopping

grocery shopping

Always plan your grocery shopping and try to buy in bulk as you get more discounts when you do so. In addition to this, shopping a month’s or a week’s supply is a good idea as it reduces wishful buying and saves you a lot of money.


Look for Cheaper Substitutes

Review your last grocery bill and identify the most expensive items. Consider swapping these items for lower-cost alternatives the next time you shop for groceries—like ground turkey for ground beef. Savings like this on two or three items will result in a lot less spending.


Weigh Out Your Purchases

grocery Purchases

Compare items not only by the sticker price but also by the price per ounce or pound to be sure that you’re getting the best deal. Most stores post this number on the label on the shelf. For meats, consider the cost per serving instead, so as not to be misled by the bones and fat included in the weight of the item.


Look Out for Coupons & Discount Offers

Coupons to Save Money on Groceries

Coupons available in your Sunday newspaper or online can save you a lot of money if you use them judiciously and with optimum combination. A lot of coupons can be combined to get additional benefits, check all details on a coupon before you apply them. Online coupons are available on a number of sites such as,,, etc.


Do the Slicing Yourself

Pre-packaged and single-serving foods are easy markup territory. Though it may be more time-consuming, buy the whole chicken, block of cheese or pineapple and do the chopping yourself. You can create your own smaller servings as you need and save more than 60% on prices this way.


Buy What’s in Season

black friday 2015

One can save 30-50% on the price of produce by buying what’s in season. If you do want those berries in the off-season, buy extra when they’re cheap and freeze them so you can enjoy them year round. Avoid off-season buys.

Remember, money is important, but not more so than health. We advise you to never compromise with your health and nutrition in order to save a few extra dollars. That is why our tips are not book knowledge but gleaned from what we following our own shopping time. So you can follow these tips to save money on groceries 2016 without any worries about health. 

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