One Rule of Success on Facebook is to Entertainment your Fans

Facebook is the biggest social network. The company surpassed 1 billion active users. In 2009, Mark Zuckerberg was recognized by the magazine “Time” to “Man of the Year”.

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In 2010, companies and organizations of various sizes and latitudes took advantage of everything that Facebook failed to offer them. A more than satisfactory was the extent to which companies integrate Facebook – and other social networks – in their marketing mix.

Surely all you have heard, and some of us are involved in several successful campaigns of companies that have used their branded Facebook pages, and landing pages, and as a result were able to convert thousands of fans.

And of course we can only learn from such successful campaigns. Here are a few tips that are on the success of advertising campaigns on Facebook. You can change them to be comfortable for your business or implement them as in their Facebook advertising campaigns.

Tips for Advertising on Facebook:

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Be fun helping and energetic – When people fall on your Facebook page, they mostly looking for something to grab their attention. Don’t disappoint them!

Insert video and lots of photos in your Facebook page – No sense sending people to watch your videos on YouTube. You can keep people on your page.

Organize events on Facebook page – In order to enter the competition, a successful company make its users to comment on the post to engage fans.

Introduce new products and services in Facebook – In most cases, people who enroll for your Facebook page are your most loyal customers. Reward them as they run about new products before anyone else. If you can do it correctly, these same people will help disseminate information more quickly, boast to your friends.

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