OLX Creates Dreams Dashboard #Dreamscometrue

OLX, the leading platform for online classified site have created the India’s first animated and interactive Twitter chatter dashboard. This unique dreamscometrue.olx.in chatter board consists of real life tweets from Indians and their aspirations related to the products of their dreams.

OLX Logo

This chatter Dashboard was developed and designed the implementation of marketing arms ZenithOptimedia Group, Performics.

Agency staff distinctive content strategies that are innovative content themes for the pre-launch, launch and post launch. In the first phase of activity, Performics used Twitter influential #Dreamscometrue compensate and promote the basic idea of ​​Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites to attract viewers.

OLX Dreams Dashboard

In “Dreams Come True” Day, which fell on January 13 tag #Dreamscometrue trends for more than eleven hours after the conversation on Twitter look on a viral effect. The initiative was created by the organic conversation and OLX audience engaged without competition or other overt marketing effort.

Integrated campaign allowed users to tweet or interact through the banners to an external location on #Dreamscometrue with tweets will immediately appear on the board OLX.

The dashboard visually appealing and animated in the form of bubbles. Each time a user clicks on the balloon, he or she can see the tweets.

Dreamscometrue.olx.in literally right to consumers to see the dream of the Indian people and their aspirations car with gadgets.

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