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The National Football League has at least paid attention to the most critically important two-part lesson in the never-ending debate on values. The first part of that lesson being that there is no line — none — many on the far left won’t cross in their “win at any cost” battles waged against “traditional” thought and values. The second part being that Republicans, conservatives and Christians eventually cave.

Every single time.

With regard to the current “controversy” pitting those Americans who rightfully believe NFL players — and the copycats now popping up in other sports and on the floors of Congress — should never “take a knee” during the playing of our national anthem in protest over fill-in-blank issue against the leadership of the NFL, the owners know they simply have to wait a few weeks at the most before Republicans, conservatives and Christians roll over and go silent.

That’s what Republicans, conservatives and Christians do.

Precisely because they do believe in the rule of law, decency, morality, respect for authority and a higher calling in life, there are many lines they will not cross in protest against the left or against conduct they feel is disrespectful to our nation, our flag, or their values.

They also work harder than any people on earth. Unlike many on the left, they don’t have the luxury to wake up in their mommy’s basement whenever they feel like it and then go out to protest or deface and destroy that which was built with the blood, sweat and tears of others. They are too busy paying the taxes that are then misappropriated to entitle the entitled.

That has always been the secret weapon of the left. They not only know that, but have calculated that hard work and decency into every protest they have waged and every movement they have started over the last few decades.

The leadership of the NFL and the owners of the teams also know that liberals and the far left control the media, entertainment and academia and that those three largest megaphones of our nation are now being used 24/7 in support of the “take a knee” movement.

The most glaring example of that being far-left “sports” network ESPN bashing President Trump on all of its programs and various channels.  Apparently, a player taking a knee has a right to his opinion, but not the president of the United States.

Even if the leadership of the NFL and the owners did want to side with the majority of Americans offended by these players taking a knee during our national anthem, they know it would be a losing cause simply because ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSBNC, NPR, the New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, and almost every major newspaper and most local TV stations are populated by liberal, politically correct hires who side with the “courageous” NFL protesters. Players who don’t even know what they are protesting anymore or how long the protest should go on. The only thing they know for sure is that they are “winning.”

They need only look at those protesting against Confederate symbols for inspiration. Every week, the list of monuments that should be torn down because they offend the far left has grown because of each previous success.

“No matter how outrageous, ignorant or dangerous our demands,” the far left thinks, “Republicans, conservatives and Christians — along with various mayors, city and town councils — simply give in. What can we tell them next that must be eradicated from American history?”

The NFL players, their union and the copycats are now using that template to expand the list of that which offends them.

If the NFL players truly wanted to be “courageous,” they would take a knee in protest over the 4,000 people a year being shot in Chicago — many of them women and children. They would take a knee in protest over the fact that millions of inner-city children are being denied an education and any hope of a life free from poverty. They would take a knee in protest against the public employees and unions which have bankrupted almost every city, county and state in our nation and taken billions of taxpayer dollars that could have been used to help the poor.

They could take a knee against those things but they won’t. Because that would involve thinking for themselves. Most would rather protest in ignorance than speak out against policies that truly are decimating communities and destroying lives.

In the meantime, the “take a knee” protests will grow, the fans will come back, and Republicans, conservatives and Christians will lose … again.

  • MacKinnon is a former White House and Pentagon official and an author.


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