Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Marketing is the most important aspect of modern business in that all business activities emanate from and conclude in it. It is not the same as selling. Although selling is a part of marketing it is just the tip of the marketing iceberg. Marketing can be defined as the sum product of all business activities that make the product or service so befitting to the customers’ requirements that the product or service sells itself. Thus, it is apparent that marketing includes all activities from the procurement of raw materials to the final distribution of the product or service and everything in between.

Small Businesses

Marketing has to be performed by all businesses, whether big or small. Large business houses usually have large teams of marketing executives and experts to advise them on marketing strategies. However, small business houses cannot afford this luxury and are often left to devise their own strategies. In this article, we will state some marketing tips for small businesses in order to enable them to devise better marketing methods. You must remember that these are general tips and you must modify them according to your line of business.


1. Give Free Benefits

Small Businesses - Benefits

One thing that people love the most while buying is something for free to go with the purchase and they like it best when it doesn’t have to go with the purchase to be free. When Barnes & Noble started their business by renting a small bookshop, they allowed people to come in for a free cup of coffee and read books while drinking it- no purchases required and one could come in any number of times one desired.

Although this resulted in increased costs in the first month, book sales picked up pace from the second month and now Barnes & Noble is one of those large companies we spoke about just now. There’s no reason a similar strategy won’t work for your business.


2. Use Email Marketing

Small Businesses - Email Marketing

It is important to keep in touch with your customers. Wish your customers via email on their special days- birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Also send weekly emails to regular customers informing them of the latest offers that you may have launched. Constant contact with customers gives a personal touch to the relationship and helps increase the business. However, take care you don’t spam your customers’ email inboxes.


3. Support a Cause

Small Businesses - Support a Cause

There is no greater advertising than a public event. Support an event that you believe in or that is immensely popular in your area of business. For example, you can sponsor any concert or musical program in your area. This will give you added public acceptance and publicity and potential customers will be familiar with the name of your business.


4. Add a Personality to Your Business

Small Businesses Personality

Every business needs a human face or the next best thing- Apple has Steve Jobs, Air India has the Bowing Maharaja. You should give your business a similar face by using photos of you and your staff on promotional material. You can also add a quote reflecting your business beliefs and business ethics. Responses from customers are higher when photos are used as they convey friendliness and thereby help to build confidence in your business.


5. Be an Expert

Small Businesses - Expert

Whatever you are producing or selling, acquire knowledge about it and become an expert. Establishing your business as an expert about its products or similar products or services is vital to attracting prospects and increasing exposure. You can arrange seminars about better use of a product or service related to your own so as to establish yourself as an expertise.

In 2010, Nokia launched a campaign in India about educating people on the use of mobile internet services. The response was overwhelming and almost all of Nokia’s seminars had full attendance. Although Nokia is a handset manufacturer and mobile internet is the lookout of telecom companies, this campaign was a goldmine for Nokia. As a result of this, sales of Nokia internet- enabled handsets increased manifold, paving the way for Nokia becoming the world’s No. 1 mobile handset manufacturer till 2012.

There can be innumerable tips about marketing. Since every business aspect is included in marketing, the tips can expand into well over one hundred. We limit ourselves to the most potent and inexpensive of them and hope you would figure out the rest. It’s actually easy. In business, all you have to do is to keep a lookout and trust your instincts. Watch out for more marketing tips for small businesses in our upcoming posts.

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