How to Start a Web Hosting Company Business

Web Hosting Company business

If you want to start a web hosting company, you need to understand what is the best way to do it. Below you can find a simple overview of how you can start your own web hosting company.

There are three basic ways to start your web hosting company:

  • Become a reseller
  • Buy, store, and maintain your servers
  • Use the data center for servers

What is Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a form of web hosting wherein the account owner can use his / her allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of third parties. The intermediary buys web hosting services wholesale and then sells them to customers for profit. The reseller operates components of a web hosting operation using services, infrastructure, and equipment provided by other web hosting.

Starting as a Reseller Hosting


Becoming a reseller is the cheapest method, but it leaves little room for profit. When you buy, store, and maintain your servers you will not be able to offer the same service as your competitors without spending too little. Using a data center with a dedicated server is not as expensive as you manage yourself, but starting as a reseller is the best option for you to start your own web hosting business with less investment and a good profit in return.

For most companies, the ability to use dedicated servers and have expert management of the company and monitoring of the servers will fit best. This feature makes it very easy to scale your business and compete with other hosting companies.

Features of Reseller web hosting:

  • You can sell domains under your brand name
  • Sell web hosting under your brand and you can offer your customers (USA servers, Europe servers, and British servers)
  • Set your prices
  • Add sub-resellers
  • No setup fees
  • Complete support from a reseller web hosting company from maintenance to setup and upgradation of a server.
  • Easy to use interface, along with the documentation.

How to Start


There are many services, such as InterServer, ResellerClub, and GoDaddy, which allow you to create your own white-label hosting business, and the back-end you can get all the necessary support from the main reseller company. So we go for an InterServer where you can start a reseller web hosting company at a very cheap price with 24/7 support from the InterServer team.

Click here to sign up for a new reseller account where you will get Instant Account Setup after you visit the page click on the RESELLER HOSTING link and choose the desired plan you want.

InterServer offers 5 different reseller web hosting plans from RS ONE to RS FIVE with Unlimited domains, one-click scripts, unique IP addresses, private DNS servers, MySql on SSD drives, and lots more.

All you need to start a reseller web hosting company is a brand-able domain name and a good web hosting company.