How to Start a Small Online Business With No Money

So you want to start an online business with no money, no credit card, and without any knowledge of any kind, but all you need to know is the basics of the Internet, a working Internet connection, a complete desktop PC, electricity in your home, a working electric fan that will give you some air so you can concentrate on your online business without getting sweating sitting on your room chair alone or with your business partner or a family member in your home.

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After you have these things, let’s move to the next step.

Sign up for to start a new blog, where we will post some good quality articles promote some products, and make money via commission. WordPress is one of the best free blogging platforms where you can start your blog for free without paying anything. This method is called affiliate marketing. If you haven’t heard about it, I will explain to you a little bit so that you will understand how it works.

What is Affiliate Marketing and How it Works?

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Affiliate Marketing is a web program where you first sign up for online shopping like Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, Commission Junction or a service site that sells products directly to its customers online. After you get an affiliate account you can product their products into your website, blog, social networks sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. via the affiliate link or banners provided by the affiliate site.

Keep in mind when you want to promote an affiliate product you first need to decide product/service niche and read all the documentation, commissions, payment methods, etc. Try to choose the niche that pays a higher commission by promoting a single affiliate product to receive a good commission in return. Also, make sure you write original content the more you attract visitors to your site and send your visitors to an e-commerce store the more money you make.

For tracking the traffic you can install a Google Analytics tracking code which keeps you updated with real-time visitors and in-depth reports from which country, device, and state your visitors are coming to your blog.

Promoting Affiliate Products via Email

If you want to build an email newsletter list, you can use a service like MailChimp – which currently offers up to 2,000 email subscribers totally for free! You can send email letters attached with your affiliate link and offer some great deals which may lead them to the e-commerce site so if they need that product they will surely buy that and in return, you will get a nice commission.