How to Start a Computer Center Business in India

Computer Center Business

Computers are now found in every house. In this generation, starting a computer center business dealing with sales & service of computer systems is a good business option which can earn decent profits for you. To start a computer center one should make sure that they have the essential knowledge of this field. Knowledge of the computer and all other electronic components related to computers is a must to get success in this business.

Computer Center

Business Plan for a Computer Training Center

To start a computer center business one should have experience of dissembling and assembling of a computer, various components of the computer, power connections etc. It is always a good thing if you have a certificate or a degree in computer related courses. Having proper knowledge of hardware and software will help you grow leaps and bounds in this business.

Keep Yourself Updated

As the world is updating every minute, limiting your knowledge only to the computer systems will not help you. Along with the trend, you need to update yourself with all the latest gadgets and its mechanisms. You have to get into the competition to survive in any business. Hence it is important to keep yourself updated with the upcoming trends and technologies.

Get Ready with The Essential Required Certificates

Licenses and certificates are very important to prove yourself and establish your business. They play a major role in marketing. They act as the standards for your new business. There are many companies offering system engineer certificates like Microsoft, Oracle etc. These certifications not only tell others that you have the knowledge but also helps to you learn the core technical contents more thoroughly.

Equipment Requirements for Your Shop

Start Computer Center Business India

It is very important to arrange all the essential equipment for the shop before starting the business. Below are some of the equipment which you will require while setting up the shop-

  • Furniture like tables, chairs, and display shelves would be required for your business too just like any other shop.
  • Computers & components which you will have to show the customers who come down for buying products.
  • Spare parts of various computers & other equipment like a toolkit, torch light, cables, etc. which is to be used to for repairing computers.
  • A computer for office use to maintain all records, generate bills, keep all the data & a good quality printer.

Minimum Investment Estimations

To start a computer center one need to have a minimum amount of around 1 lakh as an initial investment. This investment includes the material to be bought initially and also the other operational expenditure for running the business. This figure may rise or fall depending on the scale you want to start the business.

Costs Involved in Starting a Computer Center Business

While starting any business, it’s important to take into account all expenses and investments. Shop rent and security deposit are common for any type of business. This can be saved if you have your own shop to start the business. For a computer business, the basic estimations for various investments & expenses are mentioned below.

Shop Rent: Rs.10,000 – 15,000

This is the monthly rent that is to be paid for the shop. This amount may vary from place to place depending on the location, area of your shop, etc. This is a regular expenditure one should bear irrespective of profits or losses. Hence one should always consider this in the list of initial investments as you need to bear the rent until the business starts making profits.

Security deposit: Rs.50,000 – 100,000

When you rent a place, the owner asks you to deposit a certain amount before hand as a security deposit which is totally refundable. In general, this amount would be the 6 months of rent. Hence the amount you deposit depends upon the rent you need to pay. In most of the place, this amount varies between Rs.50,000 – 100,000.

Store Setup & Material Cost:  Variable

The material includes all the required spare parts of the computer, cables, software, furniture and other necessary stationery required for the shop. Other needs of the shop include basic necessities like lights, cupboards, chairs, etc. Apart from these, it depends on the interest of the owner to make the shop more presentable and attractive. This cost is totally dependent upon what you would like to buy. Hence this varies based on your requirements and plan.

Employee Salary: Rs.10,000 per month

Though hiring an employee, in the beginning, is not so mandatory for this, it may be required as your business grows. This is purely the owner’s choice. Unlike other businesses, this computer center can be started without hiring any employees. But it’s recommended hiring one skilled person in order to manage your business in a better way.


In order to fix a margin for all the services you provide, you need to have an idea about the local market where you are going to start your business. Always make sure that your costs are reasonable and also give you decent amounts of profits. Set a margin in such a way that the prices appear to the much reasonable for the customers than other competitors.


Returns on the Investment are generated only when your business starts to grow. One needs to wait for a couple of months to get the returns. These are the profits you earn. It depends on various factors of the business. You can calculate your ROI based on your investment and income using the following formula.

ROI= (Profit made- investments) / (investments)

Find the Perfect Location for the Shop

The locality of the shop plays a prominent role in the success of your business. Choose a location where there is a genuine need of a computer center. Selecting such area gives you a good scope to grow your business to the fullest. Make sure you spend enough time on this task.

Knowledge of the Local Market

Before getting into the business, one needs to have a complete idea of the local market. One needs to do a complete analysis of the competitor’s business plans, margins, returns and the services they offer. One can plan to make their business unique only when they have an idea of what others in the same field are offering. Hence the knowledge of local markets is very important.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing is one of the most crucial parts of running a business. Even if you offer world class services but fail to market it properly, your business will not achieve success. One needs to plan the marketing strategy in a very attractive way so that many customers show interest in your business. One can always start with attractive offers free services, discounts, 1+1 offers etc. These things always manage to attract a large crowd of customers.

Choosing a Brand Name of the Shop

Apart from all the above things, here comes the most creative work to be done. Selecting a catchy brand name for your shop helps you gain initial attention from the customers. A unique name which makes sense and also represents your business perfectly is an additional point to make your shop a success. It also helps in the publicity. One needs to be creative while choosing such name. Make sure the name is not too difficult to pronounce or remember as well. It should be good, catchy & easy to remember.

List of Services to be Offered

You need to prepare a list of services that you are going to offer and also the rates for these services. This list helps you plan your expenditure on the materials and also the employees you need. It also helps you to make your shop unique in the market and attract a large number of customers. Along with the basic services, add services like doorstep assistance which other competitors may not provide. Such unique and innovative services are necessary for the new business to pick up faster in this competitive world of business.

Things to Remember

There are many things to remember while doing this business. Below some essentials things to remember for a computer center business-

  1. All the spare parts must be genuine with assured warranty.
  2. You should provide the best services to your customers.
  3. Always be punctual with the deadlines of the delivery.
  4. Check twice before the product is delivered to the customer.
  5. Make sure customer gets a proper response when asked for the support.
  6. Analyze the problem completely and explain it to the customer in a simple way.


A computer center is not a seasonal business. The use of computers and other gadgets will be all the time; hence this business runs during all seasons. It involves a certain amount of risk but with the right kind of planning, it is easy and profitable to start a computer center. One can handsome earn profits in this business. There is always a scope for expansion too in this business. You can extend your services from computers to other electronic gadgets and can also get franchise support for selling the latest and branded gadgets. Along with this, you can always provide other add-on services like basic computer training, software installations etc.