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Google created Project Oxygen. Its purpose was to identify what would make managers better at what they do. After trawling over 10,000 documents, such as appraisals, they concluded with two startling facts:

The skill that would help managers most – Coaching.
The skill that managers lacked most – Coaching.

We all intuitively know that telling does not help our people to do things by themselves. We didn’t need google to tell us. Yet, we still tell. Why? Because it’s easy. Then we moan that we are busy because all our staff come to us and can’t seem to do anything for themselves.

What’s the answer?

Use a tool that will prompt us. Our Coaching cards have been designed by a leading coach, tested and refined. There are 5 packs to choose from:

  • GROW model coaching cards.
  • Leadership coaching cards.
  • Mental health coaching cards.
  • Time Management coaching cards.
  • Category Management coaching cards.

Each deck is available in the printed version and an on-line cut-down free version.

As an example; The Grow model coaching cards are just under 100 cards. Following John Whitmore’s famous G.R.O.W. coaching model, split into 4 sections, prompting the coach to ask the right questions of their coachee. Whereas the Category Management coaching cards follow our unique 7-Layer Funnel, which is taught in our Category Management training course.

Plus, each printed deck has a bonus taking the coach to a wealth of extensive additional resources to help them to become the best coach that they can be.

About us:
MBM is the soft skills training provider to leading UK Manufacturing and Retailing companies partnering with them to increase their sales and profits. They choose them because of our money-back guarantee, our relevant experience, and that we make their learning stick.

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