Things You Need to Know About Fiverr Before Getting Started

Fiverr, or Fiverr Pro is an micro gig freelancing marketplace for those who want to make money online independently. Fiverr means you can sell or buy given services on the site for $5 or above launched in Tel Aviv, Israel and founded by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman on February 2010. Fiverr is available in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese languages.

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Below are the 16 things you need to know about Fiverr before getting started.


Is Fiverr A Legit Website

Yes! Fiverr is 100% legit site, Where you can buy and sell gigs based on your interest. You can make money online easily with Fiverr, and you can hire someone from Fiverr who will complete your project in the given time.


How To Get Paid On Fiverr

To get paid on Fiverr once you successfully sold gigs. You need to add your PayPal ID or Bank account information for wire transfer. Fiverr also credit your money on Fiverr Revenue Card which is supported via Payoneer and powered by MasterCard.

You can only withdraw your money after 14 days when the order is marked as completed. Top rated sellers can wait for seven days only.


Fiverr Taxes

The income you earned from Fiverr, is considered income under self-employment. The profit of Fiverr is subject to the recipient. The choice is wide, and many users have many things to say about the service. Fiverr earns its revenue by keeping 20% ​​of posted fees.

Income from self-employment means that you must file Schedule C, so that the income information and possibly the Schedule SE, for calculating the self-employment tax. You do not need a minimum amount to report your income on the tax return. However, you are not required to tax self-employment, until your net income reaches is up to $400. Schedule C will allow you to deduct any business expenses from your income from Fiverr. For example, maybe you design covers and pay for subscription services for the stock photo. This service should be included as a deduction on Schedule C.


How Much Does Fiverr Take

Fiverr make a cut of $1 on every $5 gig sold. Which means Fiverr takes 20% share of every GIG sold by its users. Suppose you earned $5 then after your completed your work you will need to wait for two weeks and then Fiverr will cut its 20% commission $1 and credit $4 in your account.


What Can I Sell On Fiverr

It’s all about your interest and experience you have in the specific field. You can sell anything under the below categories

  • Graphics & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Business
  • Fun & Lifestyle


How To Create Gig On Fiverr

After you created a new account. Click on Selling >> ADD A NEW GIG and starting from the first column by adding a new title of your gig and other information. Once you created a new GIG, Fiverr team will review your GIG and then make your GIG live on the Fiverr marketplace. If you posted a video in your GIG, Fiverr would review your video within 2-4 working hours.

If Fiverr rejected your GIG for some reasons, it would show under Denied column under Selling page.


How Many Gigs Can You Have On Fiverr?

There are three to four different levels which allow you to post limited numbers of GIG per account.

New Sellers can have 7 Active Gigs, 2 Gig Extras ($5, $10, $20), 5 Gig Multiples and much more benefits.

Level 1 can have 15 Active Gigs, 4 Gig Extras ($5, $10, $20, $40), 10 Gig Multiples, Send Custom Offers (up to $1,500) and much more benefits.

Level 2 can have 20 Active Gigs, 5 Gig Extras ($5, $10, $20, $40, $50), 15 Gig Multiples, Extra Fast, and much more benefits.

Top Rated Seller can have 30 Active Gigs, 30 Active Gigs 6 Gig Extras ($5, $10, $20, $40, $50, $100), 20 Gig Multiples, Extra Fast, VIP Customer Support, Send Custom Offers, and much more benefits.


How To Send Custom Offer On Fiverr

  • Once you logged into your Fiverr account, go to the main menu, click on Messages > Inbox.
  • Open the message in the list.
  • Click on Create an Offer button.
  • Select an existing Gig to offer.
  • In the Include Gig Extras area, add the extra services you would like to offer.
  • Describe your offer by including all the necessary details such as delivery time, pricing, etc.


Can I Change My Fiverr Username

No! you can’t change your Fiverr username once you created your account on Fiverr. The reason behind is that your username is unique and is associated with your Fiverr orders, Gigs, and ratings.


Can you Make A Living On Fiverr

Yes! You can make a full time living on Fiverr. If you love what you are doing and interested in offering your services on Fiverr. You need to complete every single service you offer on Fiverr in the given time if you want to attract more buyers. Buyers will re-order your GIG’s if they like your way to conversation, delivery time, quality of service you offered and how active you are on Fiverr.

Note: It’s very important that you reply every single query you received on Fiverr inbox. This will increase your response rate on your Fiverr account, with this buyers will order more often.



Fiverr Phone Number

Currently, there is no phone number information available for buyers and sellers. However, you can contact customer support by creating a new ticket with the relevant subject.


Fiverr Office

Fiverr office is in New York, Chicago, Miami and Tel Aviv.


Fiverr Tel Aviv Headquarters Office Address & Location

HaOmanim 12
Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv 6789731


Fiverr New York Office Address & Location

US Office
460 Park Avenue South
New York, New York 10022
United States


Fiverr Customer Support Email

You can contact Fiverr support for any query here:

What is Fiverr Pro?

Fiverr Pro

Fiverr Pro is a new offering that highlights the curatorial group of professional workers available in their market. Founded in early 2010, the original business model was based on Fiverr’s simple professional services market, where everything costs $5.

Fiverr Pro will help you to have a talent for the next level with a highly professional environment, serious business customers, and elite colleagues. Fiverr offer a seamless process, so that you will receive money easily and on time, every time. Fiverr will solve the problems that can arise between sellers and buyers.

In Fiverr, Pro buyer will get tons of benefits such as:

  • Verified professional sellers with years of experience in the particular field.
  • High-Quality Environment
  • Hassle-free Process
  • VIP Experience
  • Trustworthy Collaborations

With Fiverr you can make money and earn a good living lifestyle.

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