EU Army: Just Another Bad Idea From Euro-socialists Macron And Merkel

EU Army: The European Union has announced it wants its own army and intelligence services. Why? Europeans need to be protected from mean, predatory potential enemies. Like the U.S. And no, we’re not making this up.


To fully comprehend how deep into the socialist pit the EU has fallen, consider French President Emmanuel Macron, the youngish leader now suffering from the lowest approval ratings of his presidency. He’s a solid backer of the EU army idea, in fact, one of its main proponents. He claims the region needs a “true European army” to defend itself.

We of course laud anyone who wishes to defend himself. Indeed, that’s the main impetus for President Trump’s push to get other Nato countries to live up to their pledges to boost defense spending which, with precious few exceptions, they have not done.

But what’s beyond irksome and bordering on enraging is who Macron, and others, suggest they need protection from.

“We have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America,” Macron told France’s Europe 1 radio.

America, The Enemy

Let that sink in. That’s right America is now, in the era of Trump, the enemy. This is how far divorced from reality the EU’s socialist leaders have become. And why, on the global political seas, the EU is sinking like a stone.

Macron’s comments, which came at the tail-end of commemorations of World War I, are beyond insulting. Some 522,000 Americans gave their lives in two World Wars — caused by European folly and political vanity — so that Europeans could be free and independent. That includes the French.

To paraphrase former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, the only territory that the U.S. ever sought from Europe was the land it needed to bury its war dead.

To now suggest the nation of those dead heroes should be included as an enemy just because of political differences is a disgrace.

And no, we’re not picking on Macron and the French. Because Angela Merkel has had equally foolish things to say that reveal just how far Europe’s leaders have gone in their unhinged response to the U.S. And why their proposed European army is a farce.

A ‘Real, True’ EU Army

Merkel, like Macron, wants a “real true EU army, ” one that would protect the EU’s firm stance against “nationalism” and for “tolerance,” while demonstrating to the world “that there will never be war again between European countries.”

Yet, as points out, just days before endorsing an EU army, she showed what she really meant. Appearing at the Paris Peace Forum, Merkel asserted that “only through globalism and ‘shared (United Nations) values’ can the world “overcome the horrors of the past and pave a new future”.

For the record, the UN is not a force for good in the world. It is a corrupt, socialist bureaucracy, run by unaccountable money-wasting global bureaucrats who show little if any fidelity to basic ideas of free elections, free speech, free religion and free markets.

By calling for the EU to be faithful to UN values, Merkel’s shows that her repeated calls for “tolerance” really mean shutting down all debate on what EU bureaucrats determine to be the truth. And ending the right of sovereign nations to both run their own affairs and defend themselves.

Joke Or Juggernaut?

Now, Merkel and Macron and others want an army. Well, go ahead and have one. The EU army won’t be a juggernaut; it’ll be a joke. It will barely be functional. How do we know this?

Virtually none of continental Europe’s militaries is functional today. They long ago outsourced their defense to the U.S.

Germany’s Merkel presides over a German military that can barely field functional fighting units, whose planes are largely grounded, and whose ships rarely sail. France is no better. Neither would be able to stand up to a sudden invasion by, say, Putin’s Russia.

Why would that change under EU bureaucrats that can’t even control their own borders?

The answer, of course, is that it wouldn’t. The only reason that Europe wasn’t invaded by the now-defunct USSR during the Cold War was that American troops stood guard so that EU nations could spend their money on their lavish welfare states. Now they call us the enemy, against whom they must arm themselves.

Weakening Nato

Of course, we’re always happy to see others defend themselves. But forging a separate EU army would amount to a weakening of Nato, something that the EU’s enemies have long desired. Before letting leftists Macron and Merkel have their way, the EU’s 28 member nations should pause to think and ask some tough questions.

Will the EU’s non-elected leaders ever be able to agree on defending themselves in the event of an attack?

Given the hard choices between spending more on defending themselves and spending more on welfare, how long will it be before the EU armed forces turn into a  joke?

A Strategic Non-Necessity

Would, say, Polish, Greek, Spanish or Italian soldiers in a united EU army willingly risk their lives for Germany or France in the event of an invasion or a war?

Wouldn’t it be better for each country to re-commit to defending themselves and being serious about Nato, an alliance that actually worked in the past, and can again if all its members live up to their pledges?

The EU army isn’t a necessity. It’s a strategic joke, another example of how the EU works to disenfranchise its own members and alienate its U.S. ally. As such, it’s hard to view the EU army as anything more than an unserious political gimmick, another sign that even leftists across the Atlantic have been driven mad by President Trump.


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