How to Create a Unique Envelop Template

If you are one of those artistically gifted people who love to create various greeting cards for friends and family without a doubt you come across the situation where finding an envelope to fit your creations is all but impossible. One of the easiest ways to find a lot of people to overcome this problem in order to create their own envelope template. Using a template gives you the flexibility to be able to create the correct envelope size for each card that has been done.

By creating your own envelope template, instead of going out and spending money to buy one will have the pleasure of being able to give a card that is one hundred per cent handmade and will correspond to the card, which you worked so hard to create. After using a template to create the basic shape of your envelop, you can add your own decorations such as monograms stamped with a very simple method of punching.

Another way to personalize the newly envelope, which will be located within the second color of the paper, which will complement the exterior color of envelop. Using a template for your envelopes will give you much more flexibility than ever to be able to find, if you try to do this with a standard store bought envelope. One of the best things about creating your own envelopes is that it does not take a huge supply of tools.

Envelope Template

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