Election Reform Fraud: Democrats’ Plan Would End American Democracy As We Know It

‘Election Reform’ Fraud: The media have already started a drumbeat in favor of the first major legislation proposed by the new Democratic Congress, the so-called “For The People Act Of 2019.” It is, in fact, a dangerous piece of legislation that, if enacted, would end American democracy as it has existed for over over 240 years.


That’s no exaggeration.

Far-left media advocates for the Democrats’ have benignly called the proposed new law “election reform”, claimed it “could save American Democracy” and characterized it as “a sweeping anti-corruption proposal.” It is none of those things.

Instead, H.R.1, the new law’s official designation, is a shocking power grab on the part of the Democrats who seek to nationalize all elections so they can permanently silence the Red States that stand in their way. It does so by transferring most of the power over elections to the federal government, and taking it away from the states, as the Constitution requires.

In essence, people like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the prime backer of this awful bill, would now be “supervising” all of our elections. To our detriment.

An Unconstitutional Law?

As Breitbart rightly noted, “The Democrats’ bill violates the First Amendment. It restricts political speech and election activities in several ways that the U.S. Supreme Court has made crystal clear violates the Constitution, such as groups’ pooling resources to take out ads on the issues those groups advocate.

Pelosi’s legislation is a massive federal power grab away from the states. The Constitution gives primary authority to the sovereign states to conduct elections. This bill empowers the federal government to micromanage elections by requiring states to get ‘preclearance’ from Washington, D.C., before changing their election procedures.”

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Far from being “reform,” it’s a far-left attack on our republic’s voting rights. If you’re an American voter who values your rights, you should let your representative know you are against it.

Fortunately, this thinly veiled attack on American democracy isn’t slipping by unnoticed. A formidable bloc of opponents, comprised of some 154 conservative former government officials, think tank heads, writers and activists have joined up to oppose it. They’ve signed on to a memo that makes the powerful case against it.

Election Reform: Just The Facts

Their case is short, powerful and fact-based. Among the other things this Democratic nightmare election reform mandates, it:

  • “Forces all states to allow all convicted felons to vote.”
  • “Requires all states to allow same-day voter registration, which leads to voter fraud.”
  • “Makes it difficult for a state to discover if a voter is also voting in another state.”
  • “Prevents states from limiting early voting.”
  • “Prevents states from limiting voting by mail.”
  • “Requires all states to provide free mail-in absentee ballots.”
  • “Criminalizes political speech that the government deems ‘discouraging’ to voters who are statistically more likely to vote Democrat.”
  • “Takes redistricting away from elected leaders to give to left-leaning commissions.”

A Permanent Democratic Majority?

Don’t fall for the rhetoric that this is about “justice” or “equity” or “voters’ rights” or “election reform” or any of the other lies used to back this measure.

It’s a blatantly unconstitutional Democratic attempt to create a permanent national majority, a one-party leftist state. That would freeze out Republicans, conservatives, libertarians and even most Independents.

Sad to say, even if this loses, it probably won’t go away for long. Democrats have been very patient in the past. They will wait until they have solid majorities in Congress and an equally far-left Democratic president and shove it down America’s collective throat. When that happens, you can only hope that by-then-former President Trump’s Supreme Court nominees are still sitting on the bench to strike it down.


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