How to Make Perfect Daily Lesson Plan Template

Children thrive on routine. They like to know what to expect. They will remind you if you miss a part of their everyday life. Thus, it is important to create a daily lesson plan template for preschool that you can follow every day; Day in and day-out. Children will feel at home, relaxed, comfortable, if they can move with their usual routine.

Most kindergartens follow the same schedule every day, although it varies from one kindergarten to another. Follow the pattern below, select a schedule and timeline for each period of activity that works for your class. Give the children a routine they crave and thrive in.

The day begins with the Free Play and Welcome Time as children enter the classroom. During this time, the children hang their coats, put away their things and greeted by the teacher. Then they come to class and have a specific area in which a lot of things are there for them that they know they have the right to play.

Circle Time pattern is the next thing on your preschool lesson plan. Children sit in a circle or in rows, usually on the carpet. Teacher officially welcomes them. They share by the time the teacher ask questions about the activities that they can do while not in school. Also, circle time the Pledge is said and the teacher goes over a calendar that includes the month, day, and year. Talk about the weather, and then move on to the next part of your preschool lesson plan.

Daily Lesson Plan Template

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