Tips on Selling CV Example

Even if you already have a CV (Curriculum Vitae) example or Resume example, you are probably wonder if the example works well or not. This is a very understandable concern. You have taken your time to create CV example for a specific purpose in mind and what you want most is to achieve this goal.


One of the main reasons why people create a sample resume is because they are trying to land their dream job. On the other hand there are people who create these CV example or Resume example because they actually want to sell them as examples for their business,Selling CV.


These CV example or Resume example does not necessarily mean that you will get the job you want, but they will help you. Maybe the layout of an example is better then your first one. Maybe you left out whole section that should be there.


Although if you’re selling your resume online, then look at the conversion rate that you are getting. If you drive a lot of traffic to these pages, but you have not made many sales with your CV example. Well I think you need to look at your examples again. Maybe it is time to redesign the CV example or Resume example and revise the wording.


First start with checking your design carefully and see if you can tell why visitors are not really interested in buying them. On the other hand, if most visitors want to buy your example, you are doing something right. See if you can repeat this success by producing a second example of the sale. Then release that version and watch the conversion rates again. Obviously, you will need to make some changes after determining, from the conversion, that it is not effective and re release.


Below are some CV / Resume Example to help you get start on you career or business or maybe both. Good luck.

CV / Resume Example

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