Why Chronological is Very Popular for Writing (CV) Curriculum Vitae Format

Your CV is a very important tool in the success of your applications for a job and more often than not it is a major factor in determining whether you get an interview or not. It is therefore important to create the best impression, which means the need to choose the correct format CV/resume to best highlight your skills.

Chronological CV/resume is still very popular model for people to write a resume and yet this format is now dated and pretty simple. It is now believed that the CV should be directed towards a career statement and possibly a skills index. This format of CV usually just lists personal information, education and work experience (the last work in the first place). This may not be the best resume for your situation, for example if you’ve just graduated from college, which can not contain a list of specific tasks special training, work history or professional experience.

Functional CV/resume focuses on your career functions that expand your skills which are performed. This format is often used for people who aspire to positions in another area. This summary may also be helpful for those who are traders and technical personnel engaged in various short-term contracts.

Targeted CV/resume focuses on the job that you want within the company. Again, this type of CV is good for those operations or technical staff which are working on different short-term contracts or if they have been employed in various fields.

Curriculum Vitae Format

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