In Elizabeth Warren, Democrats Have Their Thatcher, If They Dare: George Will

Margaret Thatcher’s description of herself as a “conviction politician” alarmed some Britons but delighted others because her convictions were incompatible with ... Continue Reading →

In Illinois, A Looming Battle Over The Bankrupting ‘Blue Model’: George Will | Stock News & Stock Market Analysis

Not without thy wondrous story, Illinois, Illinois,Can be writ the nation’s glory, Illinois, Illinois.— official state song SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — This state’s story, ... Continue Reading →

The State Of The Union Had Been Canceled Long Before Pelosi Said SoThe Left Canceled The State Of The Union Long Ago

For once, I’m with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — and President Donald Trump, now that he has acceded to her request to postpone the State of the Union. X But I’ll ... Continue Reading →

The Anti-Innovation Peril Of Global Antitrust | Stock News & Stock Market Analysis

Antitrust regulators from around the world are frequent news items in the United States — almost never for a good reason. Attention has come as the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC), ... Continue Reading →

Tales From The Cryptocurrencies: The Need For A Smart Regulatory Framework

Democracy and freedom is a two-edged sword. X Free from Old World constraints, entrepreneurs could flourish in young America’s egalitarian economic and political system. ... Continue Reading →

Maxine Waters’ Extreme Agenda: Betsy McCaughey

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The Coming Tax-Cut Boom | Stock News & Stock Market Analysis

Economy: To hear some political pundits speak, you’d think that tax cuts now being proposed in both the House and the Senate will only benefit “the rich.” In fact, ... Continue Reading →

The Bolshevik Revolution: A Century Of Death And Destruction | Stock News & Stock Market Analysis

Until a century ago, Karl Marx was an unpracticed intellectual, a prolix babbler whose thoughts remained an ideal rather than a reality. Then came the Bolshevik Revolution. On Nov. ... Continue Reading →

A ‘Carbon Dividend’ For Global Warming?

On global climate change, I’ve changed my mind — just slightly. I’ve written about this issue for more than two decades, and my theme has been monotonously consistent. ... Continue Reading →

Trump Administration’s Shift In China Strategy Signals Hope For Deal

Last week’s stock market run that had all major indices ending higher for the year was a welcome respite from the volatility of the last few months of 2018. The optimistic swing ... Continue Reading →