Fed Survey of Consumer Finances Shows A Resilient American Consumer: Robert Samuelson | Stock News & Stock Market Analysis

The American consumer is the great engine of growth for the $19 trillion U.S. economy, representing nearly 70% of spending. If the consumer is confident and happy, chances are that ... Continue Reading →

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‘Settled Science’ Behind ‘Smarter Lunchrooms’ Program Gets Busted

Junk Science: Eight years ago, the Obama administration spent millions of dollars pushing schools to get kids to eat healthier. The science behind the effort was rock solid. Or so ... Continue Reading →

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CFPB: Will This Dodd-Frank Monstrosity Be Eliminated?

The fate of the federal government’s youngest and most aggressive federal agency, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), might finally be up for a decision from the ... Continue Reading →

After Las Vegas Shooting, Facts, Not Emotions, Are Needed In Gun Debate | Stock News & Stock Market Analysis

Gun Laws: It is utterly predictable that, after a mass shooting, there are urgent pleadings for “gun control” laws. It’s also predictable that any facts about gun ... Continue Reading →
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