Where to Buy Gold Coins and Bars in India?

Indians just love buying gold. Many people also buy gold for investment purpose. Many a times we wonder where to buy gold coins and bars in India. We need to buy them from trusted/reputed sources and ensure their purity too. In this article I have mentioned 5 reputed and genuine places where buy gold coins and bars in India.

Gold Coins

Banks & other financial Institutions: We all know that gold coins which are sold by reputed banks are of high quality and their purity is assured. This is a very good option as we don’t need to worry about purity etc. However, the price of gold coins and bars sold by banks is slightly higher than the normal price in many cases. Also most banks do not buy back gold coins/bars from their customers. Consider these facts too while deciding about making your purchase. But still I believe that it’s a very good option if you want pure gold coins or gold bars in India.


India Post (Post Office): Very few of us know that India Post or in other words our post offices sell gold coins of various denominations like 0.5 gram, 1 gram, 2 gram and many more. They sell pure gold items and you don’t need to worry about purity. You can visit your nearest post office and ask if the gold coins and available and clarify any of your doubts.


Traditional Jewellers: This is another good option. You can buy gold coins and bars from reputed jewellers in your city. This might be a good option as well because many jewellers buy back gold coins/bars from their customers at existing price. So if you buy gold coins for investment purpose then this is the best option for you. However make sure you confirm the same from the jeweller and check the purity. Try to buy from only reputed jewellers or your family jewellers in your town.

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Online Shopping Sites: This is one of the most convenient options as you can buy gold right from your home or office and get it delivered doorstep. Be 100% sure that you buy only from trusted and genuine sites and if you are buying from online marketplaces, do proper research about the seller. Once you receive the gold items, you can get it checked or verified from any local jeweller for purity. Check out the best offers and deals, if available, to get discounts on your purchases.

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That’s it. I have mentioned the 4 best ways to invest money in gold and buy gold coins/bars in India. I would like to repeat again that do proper research and be doubly sure about quality and purity of gold. If you are buying gold coins and bars for investment purpose, make sure you buy gold when the prices dip and sell it when the prices rise so that you get maximum profits.

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