How to Write Business Plan Cover Page for Investors

This is the tale of two business plans with many different home pages. They all contain a unique and exciting business opportunities with the potential for higher investment returns. Arriving in the morning mail, each neatly bound plan which lands on the desk of the same potential business investor. Both plan to compete with hundreds of other documents, spreadsheets, phone calls and investor’s attention. They are involved in a race against time, because everyone has seen it for a few seconds or taken into account and rarely passed or returned to the investor. Here how your business plan cover page should looks like:

The first plan is closely related. It has a cover sheet made of a thick paper. The cover resembles the cover of the paper. Company name in the center of the page, as well as the contact information of the owner in the lower left corner of the first bits which provide information about the business investor. Since not being familiar with the name of the company or the owner, the investor must now open the plan to learn something meaningful about business venture.

However, page header rigid complicate this simple task by preventing flipping documents from easily open and laying flat. Aggravating investor who suddenly leave the one hand, uncooperative business plan, to answer the telephone call for attention, leaving the remaining free hand to deal with and keep a lid on the pages of the apartment plan.

After struggling with the business plan for a short investor gets to look at the first page of the plan: a standard confidentiality agreement. Thus, the battle to find some meaningful information continues. This time, after some effort investor comes to the next page, which is the table of contents.

At the moment, investors are reminded caller on the phone. Not wanting to be rude, investor apologizes to the caller and returns to challenge a business plan in hand. Ultimately, the investor reaches the page “Summary”. Investors are anxiously scans the page to see only the endless ocean of words and “information-less” headings as “Company”, “Market and Industry”, “Business Model/Strategy” and so on.

The second business plan also neatly connected. However, the relationship of the plan allows the cover and the pages to open and lay flat. In addition, the cover page is divided into two columns.

The left column is about five inches in width. It contains a brief title at the top of the column, which reflects the essence of the matter. The name is accompanied by a brief description of the business plan with short single points that summarize the company, its management team, its products/services requested funds available collateral, use of funds, and is likely to go. The column ends with a small table of financial projections.

Right hand column, about two inches wide, begins with the definition of the business stage and its main industry or market. This information is accompanied by information contact the owners and ends with a table of contents. Layout is not crowded and has a lot of space to make it easy to read and easy on the eyes.

Since the investor is trying to read a business plan, he received another phone call. At this time, the investor does not have to deal with the business plan to read it. On the one hand, at the receiver, and the other just to keep the plan or take notes.

Business Plan Cover Page

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