How to Get Big Bazaar Franchisee

All of us must have visited Big Bazaar stores at least ones. They are located in all major towns and cities in India. The Big Bazaar stores are always crowded and people just love to shop with them because good quality products provided at reasonable price and huge discounts. Even though all of us must have visited Big Bazaar at least once, very few of us know that they have Big Bazaar franchise opportunity using which we can start additional income with extremely low investment. In this article you will get how to get Big Bazaar franchisee.

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What exactly is Big Bazaar Online Franchisee?

Big Bazaar allows you to start your own business and make extra income by becoming their franchisee. Once you successfully signup with them by making nominal investment (explained later), you will be given a special tablet along with various other things. The tablets will have complete and exhaustive catalogue of products. Being a franchisee, you will be able to book products from your tablet on behalf of your customers. The customers will get their ordered products directly at their doorstep and you will get commission for every product you sell.


Investment required for Big Bazaar online Franchisee

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Big Bazaar online franchisee requires very nominal investments on your part. You currently need to invest Rs.50000 as setup charges and more Rs.50000 which is security deposit and is refundable. Once you successfully signup with them, you will receive a special 10 inch tablet, advertising and promotional material, training material, constant support from their sales team, logistic & infrastructure support etc. For more details you can refer their website:


How Much Money can we Make?

It purely depends on how many products you sale. Their website claims that for products sold by you, you will be eligible to get commission between 3-15% depending on category of the products sold. The income potential is unlimited. They also have rewards and recognition programs like free trips and recognition programs. In fact their website has featured many real people who have made as much as Rs.1 lakh per month from it.


Advantages of Big Bazaar online franchisee

  • Minimum investment- You don’t need to invest huge amount of money to start your business. You can start your business with low investment. This is one of the beauties of Big Bazaar online franchisee opportunity.
  • No need to keep stocks & worry about logistics- This is another biggest advantage. You don’t need to have inventory/stocks with you and invest your money in it. You just need to show the products to customer via your tablet and order it. They products will be shipped from future group warehouses directly to the customers address.
  • Associate with “Big Bazaar”- You will get associated with Big Bazaar which is very famous and reputed chain in India handled by Future Group.
  • Branding & marketing support – You will get strong branding and marketing support from them as well as initial sales training. This will help you grow your business quickly and make good profits.

There are various other advantages and benefits as well.



In my personal opinion, Big Bazaar online franchisee program is a very good business opportunity which you can start with very low investment. The benefits offered by them are immense and income potential is unlimited. I will strongly recommend this for anyone interested in starting his own business or growing his existing business and making more profits.

For complete details and terms visit Big Bazaar franchisee website:

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  1. Asif Qureshi

    Jul 29. 2017

    How can i apply for bigbazaar recruitments.

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  2. gaurav mohan

    Aug 14. 2017

    Want to open a big bazar store in my city. I have suffiecient space in th heart of the city.

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  3. rajesh agrawal

    Aug 21. 2017

    i want to open a big bazar in rewa M.P My name and email is given

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  4. vishal gedam

    Aug 26. 2017

    How I get big bazaar franchisee please suggest

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  5. Varun

    Oct 08. 2017

    I want big bazzar to open a store in my city rohtak haryana..i want to give my space on rent to big bazar

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  6. Namdeo patil

    Mar 02. 2018

    I want big bazzar to open in karad satara

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  7. Namdeo patil

    Mar 02. 2018

    Big Bazaar franchisee website:
    link is not opened
    please do needful

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    • ROI investing

      Mar 03. 2018

      Hi, sorry i do not control that site, if it is not working then their site is down. I have check the link and the their site is not working. there is nothing i can do. sorry

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