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It is often said that one innovation be-gets another. Nothing could be any truer. The smartphone boom in India which started in late 2012 has not only resulted in time-savings, smoother operations and flexibility in our lives, it has also solved the problem with regard to cab travel. India has had a cab-refusal problem that borders on chronic ever since independence and we have had to put up with the whims and fancies of cab drivers for almost 70 years. But no more! A direct result of the smartphone boom was the development of the mobile phone as the center of existence and what are smartphones without apps?

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The idea that cabs in India can be booked through apps first came to two IIT-ians and they formed a cab company called Ola Cabs. The rage of the smartphone and its adoption by more people saw more people discovering the ease and sophistication that comes associated with booking cabs through apps. No more hassles, harassment and humiliation from cab drivers, no more refusals, cabs available and arriving on time 24×7….what a relief!

The unprecedented success of the small startup resulted in it becoming a company that is worth $2.5 billion today. Other homegrown cab companies soon formed as a result of this phenomenal success and several foreign players also jumped into the fray. But Ola Cabs remains the largest taxi aggregator and app cab service in India till date. Read this article ahead to know about how to become a Ola Cabs driver in India.


Benefits of Becoming Ola Cabs Driver

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For the money of course! The monthly earnings of an Ola Cabs driver often surpass those of high-paying middle management desk jobs. An Ola Driver makes around Rs75, 000-80, 000 on an average. If you can make faster pickups and know all the shortcuts in town, you can easily earn over Rs. 1, 00, 000 a month- equal to the salary of a top-level manager of a medium sized company.

Now that is something! But that’s not all, Ola only takes around 20% of the fare paid by the customer, so you get to keep a huge bulk of the fare per ride, which contributes to the mind-boggling figure at the end of the month. In addition to this, Ola gives drivers a bonus of Rs150 per ride taken during peak hours and of Rs.50 per ride taken during normal hours.

Its because of such lucrative earning that many people from different walks of life are leaving their current jobs to become drivers for Ola Cabs. So you want to join their ranks? Oh you do! What’s that, you don’t know how to become Ola Cabs driver in India? Don’t worry, we are here to cover you. Just read on!


How to Become Ola Cabs Driver

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To become an Ola driver, you have to buy a car first. It doesn’t have to be a first hand car, you can drive used cars too. Just ensure that the car does not show its age and is in working condition. Also make sure that it’s emissions are within the permissible limits of the city I which you will be driving. In the event you don’t have the money to buy a car, Ola Cabs will arrange for a bank loan for you. The Emi will go out of your Ola earnings and the car will be bought in the name of Ola Cabs. After the loan has been repaid, the ownership car will be transferred to you. In such cases it’s always better to opt for a new car instead of used ones.

Secondly, You must have a valid commercial driver’s license before you apply as a driver at Ola. Your record as a driver must be clean- no accidents and mishaps. You must also obtain a character clearance certificate from your local police station stating that you do not have any criminal history and are a law abiding citizen. In addition to this, you must also furnish to Ola the following documents:

  • Pan Card
  • Voter ID Card (EPIC)

You must go to the Ola Cabs office in your city with all the documents. Ola will inspect your car and verify for themselves whether your documents are genuine. If they are satisfied, you will be appointed as an Ola Cabs registered driver and will be provided with an Ola ID and a Ola custom GPS device which you will use to accept rides and locate the exact positions of your customers.

Remember, you have to specify the times during which you can take trips. This is up to your convenience, however, Ola Cabs has a minimum trip time requirement of 6 hours a day for all of its drivers and you must fill that quota. Your fare earnings will depend on the type of car you are driving. Ola has two types of cars- Sedan and Mini. For Sedans (such as the Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire) the payment is Rs13 per kilometre and for Minis (Maruti Alto), the rate is Rs12 per km. However, you have to pay for the fuel and maintenance of the car on your own.



That’s it. You now know the entire process of becoming an Ola Cabs driver and are also aware of the benefits that come with it. You also know the catch that comes with taking the job, but compared to the benefits that is not worth consideration at all.

So what are you waiting for? Take your car out and turn on that GPS and you will be all set to take on your first Ola customer! Let’s hear that engine roar, Vroom!

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