A new magazine for a new era in data protection

Data Protection Magazine provides readers with the latest news, comment and insight in data protection and privacy.

Launched on Sunday 20th May, the magazine focuses on current data protection issues. The first edition features interviews with Abigail Dubiniecki, Specialist at My Inhouse Lawyer, and Nicola McKilligan Regan, Senior Partner at Privacy Partnership, alongside other experts covering topics including, GDPR, blockchain, PSD2, and PECR.

Data Protection Magazine

Data Protection Magazine

Contributors to the magazine include data protection expert Ardi Kolah, Executive Fellow and Director of the GDPR Transition Programme at Henley Business School. In this issue, Ardi has written features on blockchain technology and a summary of GDPR.

The magazine is aimed at the business generalist rather than the data protection or privacy professional and will be released on a quarterly basis. It has been developed by the creators of the GDPR Summit Series and the Data Protection World Forum, these events focus on delivering quality content to help organisations with data protection compliance.

2018 is witnessing the biggest shake-up of data protection in decades; not only as a result of the EU GDPR, but the finance industry also has to contend with the additional regulatory implications resulting from PSD2 and MiFID II.

The recent Cambridge Analytica scandal illustrates that organisations need to take data protection seriously, or risk facing severe consequences.

Michael Baxter, editor of Data Protection Magazine said:
“Data is a key driver of the so called ‘fourth industrial revolution’. But unless the public can trust organisations with their data, the revolution may come to a shuddering halt. Creating this trust is vital. Organisations must be accountable and transparency is key. That is why new regulations were required. Governments now see protecting privacy as being equally important to stopping people from lending to criminals or selling arms to rogue states.

“Data Protection Magazine is an easy and informed read for senior staff within organisations and privacy professionals. It is designed to throw light on the key issues.”

As the partner publication for the Data Protection World Forum, the magazine is currently free of charge and available to download from the website in a digital format to read on smartphones and tablets.

For more information about the upcoming magazine visit the Data Protection World Forum website.

Notes to Editors:

For media comment contact Laura Edwards on 0845 5000 328 or email [email protected]

For more information about Data Protection Magazine visit: https://www.dataprotectionworldforum.com/

About Data Protection Magazine
Data Protection Magazine is produced by the organisers of the GDPR Summit Series and the Data Protection World Forum. Throughout 2017 and 2018, the GDPR Summit Series ran 10 events in the GDPR space, which saw over 3,000 delegates from over 20 countries.

Data Protection Magazine is the partner publication of the Data Protection World Forum, taking place on 20th and 21st November at ExCeL London. The forum will have an international line-up of expert speakers attracting a global audience of over 4,000 delegates from a wide range of organisations.

Both Data Protection Magazine and the Data Protection World Forum will cover burning issues such as; The Internet of Things (IoT), cyber threat protection, ransomware, blockchain, AI, disaster recovery, biometric technologies, surveillance, ad-tech and much, much more.

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