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A year in to President Trump’s first term in office, the America First agenda is well underway. But conservatives cannot become complacent and rest upon our laurels. We must remain steadfast in our support for the President and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a crucial conservative ally.

XThere has been a renewal of the disconcerting habit of conservatives to turn on their own when we grow impatient.

If this happens to our friends in this White House, we may lose our chance for lasting reforms that would ensure free markets, fair trade, fiscal sanity, and a return to law and order.

You might hear some conservatives grumble about the Department of Justice and Robert Mueller’s “Russia Investigation.” They’re right to be frustrated, and the most recent revelations about DOJ careerists and the FBI should be of great concern to President Trump and to conservatives across the United States.

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But we also cannot lose sight of the important accomplishments that General Sessions has been able to achieve at the DOJ, despite the “Resistance” movement among some career staff.

The fact of the matter is, General Sessions has been able to steadily implement President Trump’s agenda despite the best efforts of the administrative state to hamstring reform. From religious freedom, to immigration, to ending corruption and partisan cronyism, General Sessions has been a loyal public servant and a faithful advocate for conservatives.

General Jeff Sessions has aptly noted that in the span of two months, the United States was the target of two terrorist attacks perpetrated by “…people who came here as the result of our failed immigration policies that do not serve the national interest—the diversity lottery and chain migration.”

In response, the President and General Sessions are working to end chain migration and the diversity lottery.

The Department of Justice is vigorously fighting a ruling by a San Francisco-based liberal judge that blocks President Trump from reversing DACA, seeking a swift review by the Supreme Court.

When the Washington Area Metropolitan Transit Authority barred the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington from displaying a Christmas ad, General Sessions’ Justice Department filed an amicus brief on behalf of the Archdiocese.

Despite a federal judge attempting to block the Department of Justice from cutting off the funding of sanctuary cities, it continues to be a major target of both President Trump and General Sessions.

Many of us will remember the IRS targeting of conservative non-profits, a harassment scheme meant to give the liberal organizations an upper-hand and tilt our national politics in the Left’s favor.

General Sessions was able to come in to the DOJ and settle with the plaintiff groups, stating: “There is no excuse for this conduct… they deserve an apology from the IRS.”

Can you imagine the Obama Administration or Clinton Administration making such an admission?  After being abandoned by the Obama Administration, General Sessions provided the much-needed support for America’s law-enforcement officers.


The Department of Justice under General Sessions has been an integral defender of President Trump’s executive order limiting travel from nations that are in political crisis and hot-beds of terrorism. General Sessions is correct in saying that “…the founders of our country vested the Executive Branch with great responsibility: to ensure the national security of our country. I am committed to defending the President’s ability to exercise that responsibility.”

In the Masterpiece Cakeshop case, General Sessions and the Department of Justice have defended the religious liberty of the Christian baker, arguing that he requiring him to create a custom cake for a same-sex wedding would be a violation of his religious beliefs; a violation of his constitutional rights.

After a series of undercover videos exposed Planned Parenthood for engaging in a sick scheme to traffic in fetal tissue, the Department of Justice has launched a probe of the abortion giant’s practices.

Perhaps one of the most important achievements of General Sessions during his tenure at the Department of Justice has been the ending of taxpayer funding for sanctuary cities. Under the Obama administration, cities dominated by liberal politicians undermined federal law enforcement and flouted federal immigration law, in some instances sheltering dangerous criminals from justice.

It is absurd to think that our tax dollars were being disbursed through Barack Obama’s Department of Justice to assist cities in undermining law enforcement, in ignoring our right to safety.

Lastly, General Sessions directed the Department of Justice to withdraw the radical expansion of Title IX and Title VII that occurred under the Obama Administration. Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch had made federal funding for schools, contingent upon the use of fictional “gender identity” as part of non-discrimination codes — allowing boys to use girls’ restrooms at public schools and universities if they so desired.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has restored sanity to the Department of Justice and made the enforcement of our laws and defense of our constitutional rights once again its top priority. Conservatives need to be there to support President Trump and General Sessions as they work to reform our immigration system and end programs like the diversity lotter and chain migration that threaten our national security.

  • Hanna is President of Let Freedom Ring USA, Inc., a non-profit public policy organization committed to promoting Constitutional government, free enterprise and traditional values.

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