11 Simple and Effective Tips to Increase Instagram Followers

In the present day and age, social media rules our lives. From the moment we get up to the moment we fall asleep with our smartphones in our hands. We are always online on some or the other, or all, social media websites.

As one of the top three social media websites, Instagram sees daily traffic from 300 million active users. Unlike the Facebook or Twitter it is a photo-sharing website with built-in photo editing tools. Another distinctive feature of Instagram is that it is primarily mobile app based and actively discourages the use of its website in that new users can register for the service only through iPhone or android apps. Clearly, Instagram is far more relevant for individuals rather than businesses and the social media giant focuses on such.


Increasing Instagram Followers

Increase Instagram Followers

Instagram makes use of the follower concept for social media interaction: only people who follow you are part of your network and can see your photos. If you follow them back, you can see their photos as well. The entire point of Instagram being useful and fun revolves around having followers.


6 Quick Ways to Increase Instagram Followers

  1. Use hashtags while posting photos or videos such as #trending #cool #beautiful etc
  2. Like hundreds of random pictures of people in your target audience. Neil Patel has used this strategy and found it very helpful.
  3. Like and comment photos of other users. This is the most natural way to gain new followers.
  4. Use popular hashtags so that your images are in this category. Some of the most popular are #love, #instagood, #tbt and #photooftheday.
  5. Post photos to 2am or 5pm. Research shows that times are the most effective position.
  6. Search and follow people who use popular hashtags keyword like #followme and #likeforlike. This is the section where people will follow back you if you follow them too.

Having more followers is also considered a mark of one’s popularity within the Instagram community. Thus, it is always better to have more followers on Instagram and in this article we are going to share in deep 5 more tips to increase Instagram followers using perfectly legitimate methods.

Tip 1: Focus


The first thing to do when creating an Instagram account is to decide in the focus of your account. In other words, you should decide what types of photographs you are mostly going to post there. You can choose anything as your focus- plant life, animals, historical sites, beaches, the list is enormous.

Choosing and posting a particular genre of photographs results in easy recognition and you will soon be followed by people interested in the same type of photos. It wouldn’t hurt to post a personal photo occasionally, but only when you are well-known and have a relatively large number of followers as a result of your focus photos. Remember, people want to see you enjoying dinner only because they enjoy the photos that show those beautiful beaches. Get it?


Tip 2: Making the Account look Great

best instagram account

After deciding on the focus for the account, it is important that you do everything to make your account look interesting and great. This normally depends on one’s own tastes and preferences and on one’s own convictions about what appears to be too overt.

You can start with an interesting description and a cool profile picture, but it’s far more important that your photo feed looks great because that is what people will look at before they follow you. A portfolio of at least 20 high-quality photos that match the focus of your account will be very helpful in this regard.


Tip 3: Use your Other Social Accounts

Social media

So, you’ve followed the first and second tips to the word and you Instagram profile now looks great. But that isn’t enough. It is time the world knew about you and your photos. With Instagram accounts, you get a direct link to your Instagram profile that can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Your blog and other platforms that you might participate in. Using this, more people can see your photos, know you are on Instagram and will be motivated to follow you.

Another tip to increase Instagram followers that closely follows this is to send an email to your email contacts and let them know that you have joined Instagram, what kind of photos you are going to post and asking them to follow you. However, don’t spam their inboxes. Depending by the size of your network, this is a great way to gain 50 to 100 followers.


Tip 4: Interact More

interact with others

One of the most potent ways to gain followers on Instagram is to interact more with other people. It is essential that you post thoughtful comments instead of “great pic” or “nice” on other people’s photos in order to get their attention, explain why you like the photo. When someone leaves a comment like that, people are happy and they also check out the commentator’s photos and potentially follow him or her. For this tip to be effective that you comment on photos that have been posted in the last two or three days, and have less than 10 comments.


Tip 5: Keep Posting

Keep Posting

It is of use to gain followers only to lose them due to lack of activity. Your followers are interested in you as long as you are posting great photos and are active. On the other hand, if you post a number of photos within a short span (say three hours), you would probably annoy your followers.

The best approach is to make your posts evenly spread out over a number of hours. On an average, it is best to post one photo every six hours. It is also important that you respond when your followers comment on your photos or start a discussion with you as this will make them feel wanted and appreciated for taking the time to view your photos.

There you have it! These tips to increase Instagram followers are very useful and effective. Give them a try and come back to us with how helpful they have been to you.

Originally posted 2019-09-19 23:17:20.


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