4 Vital Business Etiquette Rules That Every Professional Should Know

Vital Business Etiquette Rules

There was always an unwritten code of socially acceptable norms and standards in the entire history of human civilization. There are several things that make other you don’t do; some things that are useful and others are not. But these unwritten laws not only apply to the hospitality and fine dining. They are also valid in the world of commerce.

Unlike other industries, however, in the business world, bad business etiquette can have unpleasant and even financially disadvantageous consequences. For example, it is sensitive to certain ethical codes can rub customer the wrong way and jeopardize vital transaction or contract, as a result of financial losses and damage to credibility. Relevant professional etiquette is vital for the healthy functioning of companies, not only with others, but within several departments and levels of the company. In this article, we will discuss the importance of business ethics and to identify four main aspects:

1. Handshake

Handshake is still “platinum” standard non-verbal for greetings, appreciation and gratitude.


2. The ‘Politeness’ Policy

We are taught to say “please” and “thank you” as children, and these manners never left. This coupled with a sincere smile and eyes form the basis not only of corporate etiquette, but social etiquette.


3. The ‘Meeting’ Mandate


Meetings are the ‘pit-stops’ of the corporate world. The way one behaves in a meeting is of primal importance for the development of the right image and determine the correct impression on all participants.

4. The ‘Written’ Wisdom

Written communication is perhaps the most unlikely environments contain violations of the etiquette, it is still possible. In the world of text messages, tweets and emoticons, a new type of “short-hand” evolved, consisting of “deliberate spelling mistakes”, abbreviations and emoticons. It is not professionally acceptable in formal written correspondence. E-mail letters and messages to be checked for spelling, grammar and spelling errors before sending it to the recipient.