15 Small Business Ideas with Very Low Investment in India

There are hundreds and thousands of business ideas or ideas to make money in India. I have mentioned exhaustive list of 15 small business ideas with low investment. Anyone can start these types of businesses as they can be started with low investment and have potential to make decent profits every month. These ideas are ideal for housewives, youngsters, college students, retired persons or even any other individual interested in starting his/her own business and making money. So without wasting much time, below is the list of small scale business ideas.

Small Business

  1. Recruitment Business: You can start a business of providing trained skills employees to companies and businesses.
  2. Starting a cyber cafe: Starting a cyber cafe will be a very good business opportunity as more and more people require internet access today.
  3. Start selling products online: You can even start selling products online on marketplaces like Ebay and make money. The key here is to source products at cheap price and selling for reasonable profits.
  4. Freelancing: This is another good way to make money. It has good earning potential too as you can possibly earn in dollars too if you get some international clients. Some examples of freelancing include- article writing, designing work etc.
  5. Starting a Xerox shop: Starting a xerox shop is another good business which can be started with low investment and has high profitability as Xeroxing facilities are required by everyone these days.
  6. Start a Chinese fast food kiosk: You can start a Chinese fast food kiosk or shop in busy locations, food courts etc. If you provide tasty hygienic food with economical prices, you will succeed fast.
  7. Starting a photo studio: You can start your own photo studio and try to make money by offering photography service.
  8. Starting travel agency: You can start a travel agency providing services like ticket booking, travel insurance, visa assistance services etc.
  9. Blogging: You can start your own blog at almost no investment or very less initial investment on any topic of your choice and start writing articles on it. You will make money once you start getting good visitors by displaying advertisements.
  10. Becoming insurance agent: You can start working as an insurance agent of reputed insurance companies and make money.
  11. Start a kirana store: You can start a kirana store in your locality and make money by selling products from it.
  12. Starting a hair cutting saloon: You can start a hair cutting saloon in your town and make handsome profits every month.
  13. Selling handicraft items: Selling handicraft items can help you make decent money. You can make them yourself or source from suppliers and sell for profit. You can convert your hobby into a business.
  14. Starting a tiffin business: This is ideal for housewives. You can provide tiffin service to office goers or individuals who require home cooked meals and reasonable prices and make profits.
  15. Start tailoring business: You can start tailoring or stitching business from a shop or your home itself to make money.

This is a list of 15 business ideas which can be started with low investment. We will keep publishing more such detailed lists in future too. So make sure you like us on Facebook so that you don’t miss any of our articles related to starting your own small business in India. If you need more information about any business idea, feel free to comment using comment box below. We will try our best to assist you.

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